$10 Cabin Conversion-Horse Trailer- Tiny House Village Phase One!

Chris Strathy- aka “The Capable Carpenter” shows us a new project he has been working on in Alabama- A tiny house horse trailer conversion. So far, by utilizing free pallet wood, this conversion has only cost $10 and time. The trailer itself was originally bought for $1000. This conversion, when finished, will be rented out in “Leigh Acres” in Huntsville, AL- a future tiny house rental village.

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  1. Please see yang2020.com/policies and any of the numerous Andrew Yang 2020 long form videos available on YT (Recommend Joe Rogan for a great intro!) who wants to augment every US citizen adult’s income with $1000 every month free and clear, no strings attached. It would go a LONG way to making tiny home villages a thing of the future and homelessness and hopelessness a thing of the past. Ties in perfectly with tiny home ventures. Good video, looking forward to more Chris! Righteous beard!

  2. Off topic…sorry, but that dog in the drone shot is exactly like ours… do you know what breed, ours is a cross….

    • I had a camper I was trying to convert off 1st and 7th when I was 18 or so. I started watching relaxshacks around that time for ideas and tips. Unfortunately my camper was hooked up to and stolen off a friends property! I still daydream about building a tiny house daily. I’m so stoked that there will be a rental village in Huntsville. The city is growing beyond my wildest dreams very quickly. Thanks for bringing this to the area. I’ll be following!

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