13 Tiny Homes That Will Make You Want To Downsize

From expanding campers to easy-to-assemble houses, these will make you want to downsize.

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  1. I think i will stick with my cardboard boxes. Easy to find light to carry and quick to burn should i get cold.

  2. “13 Tiny Homes That Will Make You Want To Downsize” yeah if you like to have sex so that the person or children in the next room will hear you, go ahead and move in a tiny home. where you cant get away from your own family. sometimes you need to get away from your family and a tiny home isn’t a place to do that. although they look neat, no thanks.

  3. Having a good time…ok?
    I M Relaxing now…….ok?
    Suddenly someone presses the button…………………………..
    Shit..?i knew it was a bad choice ?

  4. Lol, and below the recommended list it shows a vid that’s says ‘Living in a time house stinks (sometimes)’


  5. This will not be in the future according to UN Agenda 21. We will all be living in 200 sq foot coffin apartments in mega cities where we are taxed and controlled. No one will be self sufficient or living off grid.

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