14 Tiny House Space Savers that will Maximize Space in Any Home

These awesome space-saving and , chosen by Houser Jenna Spesard, will work perfectly in any home.

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(I know the #s aren’t correct in the video):*
1). GoSun Solar Oven: https://www.gosunstove.com/ *use code “” to receive $50 off!
11). HIDEit Mounts: https://hideitmounts.com/

*Some of these are affiliate links. I do not work for these companies. These are my own opinions.

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  1. Great ideas. So many videos promising something like this give us useless or obvious ‘ideas’. Your suggestions were fantastic. I’ll be passing on some of them. πŸ‘

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  3. What about a “What I’d Do Differently If I Ever Built (or Lived In) Another Tiny House” video? I’d be so curious to hear your pros and cons. I’m obsessed with tiny houses and constantly design dozens of them with Sketchup, but I’d love to hear the nitty-gritty of tiny house life or mistakes to look out for. Love the video, as always!

  4. No tiny homes big enough for even like a stackable washer and dryer right? I’m disabled and I can’t go to a laundromat that’s all there is to that

    • there are many different layouts for tiny homes and many who have permanent residence spaces they choose to include a washer/dryer but the length/ size of the tiny how would differ from this one as most i find that have stackable are around 26-28 feet, because they tend to have bigger bathrooms. the part most owners love is that they can get really custom for needs with their tiny homes.

    • There are tiny homes that are larger and even have pop outs. I have seen a couple tiny house manufacturers that make larger homes on a 40 ft gooseneck trailer and have washer/dryers in them. Also those same manufacturers have stair cases that are much easier on older people or the disabled.

  5. Thanks for all your videos. They are very entertaining and interesting to watch. I really appreciate the concept involved in living tiny and simplyfying things even though I don’t “exactly” do live tiny myself. The projector is a great thing. I see so many videos of tiny homes where people have big TVs taking up space. The short throw projectors available are great and many of them last 10 years with 8 hours of use each day and are pretty cheap considering the size of the picture you get vs a “normal” tv. I put an LGpf1000 in my living room and bed room. They throw the picture up onto the wall so you just put them where you would normally put your tv. I’ll link to a few examples:

  6. Gorgeous as always Jenna. Great video. Will you be doing a tour of your new living space with your new man? or will your video’s still be about your bucket list of travels and tiny house’s. ?

  7. Jenna, ur the BEST! I definitely wanted that sink & towel rack, plus ur magnetic spice rack, wondered where u purchased them and how much they were. I’ve been watching LOTS of tiny home videos and deciding which designs i want and how to get everything i need, you’ve been VERY helpful! πŸ’š

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