$15,000 Tiny House Means Simple n’ Cheap Living

Checkout this house Ross built in Dayton, Ohio. It only has a 72 square feet footprint but has everything you'd expect in a tiny house designed for full-time living. I personally like this concept for someone that needs to move their tiny house regularly. It's for so see the link below! Here's a quick tidbit about it.

“This model features overlapped beveled and trim with corrugated galvanized steel on the exterior. Also has a total of 3 insulated vinyl with a 32 inch exterior door. The roof is a Pro-rib 50 year panel system. This model is completely insulated with R-13 fiberglass . The wall and flooring were built with 2 x 3's and the roof with 2 x 4's. Wall sheathing 3/8” plywood, sub floor ¾” plywood.  Most everything has been secured with glue and screws. Also for durability while in travel there are a total of 12 – ½” carriage bolts & 10 Lag screws to the frame.”

For sale here: https://tinyhouselistings.com/listing/dayton-ohio-12-brand-new-custom-built-7-x-12-tiny-house-15900-00/

Tiny houses listed for sale and rent daily: http://tinyhouselistings.com


  1. Damm I wish had the footprints of it so I can make my self one just like this. But. Not a 12fet one. A 15 feet by. 8. Be 12

  2. Rarer to see real small ones about the length of cars.
    This one is perfect for a camper in the woods.
    Real efficient use of space pretty much everywhere.
    Could do a few extra things here and there, but it really isn’t all that necessary and more to personal taste.

    Hell, only thing I would change really is microwave oven with 2 burners on top instead of separate induction. (not a fan of induction)
    That combined with a stove pressure cooker, could make nice hearty meals and soups efficiently and still have a spare burner for other things and the microwave oven to cook below. Maybe add overhead storage area above the bathroom sink and toilet space for some stuff. That space is nice to have above, but not absolutely essential since you are rarely in it. Little loft accessible from living space would make more use of it.
    I remember one design that could work in this instance is instead of 2 sinks, one large sink that is split in the middle at the room wall and has one shared tap you just flip depending on what room you need the water in. (the spout has a seesaw under it)

    Great price too given an average build that size is around $8-20k depending on the materials and finish.

  3. Would have loved to see a video of such a house as this, tinier than norm. However, video was ….. strange. Attempt was made to show details only, no visuals that showed enough content in one frame that we can see how it all fits together as a whole.

  4. Looks good other than electrical panel right above bathroom sink. Too close to water, I would think that wouldn’t pass electrical code. Very bad idea. I wouldn’t put electrical panel in a bathroom where there is water/steam from shower.

  5. Incredibly over priced for the size and with only P13 insulation. The whole thing is equivalent to a 12 ft RV off any lot for about $4-$5,000.

  6. I wouldn’t trust the loft to hold the 400 pounds of weight that the owner of this tiny house claims it will hold. Over time the stress of that much weight on those tiny 1/4″ lag bolts will cause them to gradually work their way out of the 2″ x 4″ studs they’re screwed into and a disaster is likely to follow.

    $15K is a lot to pay for something like this when you can get a used RV-type trailer that will offer two to three times as much space and storage room and can be retrofitted to accept R13 insulation.

    I’ll give the owner credit though, for the efficient utilization of space in this tiny house design.

  7. For that little pull out drawer under the counter lip in front of the kitchen sink, I would include some ventilation holes to prevent mildewing if cleaning supplies were stored there 🙂

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