1950s Double Decker Bus – Two Story Tiny House


Whit is the owner and renovator of The Royal Scott, an old double-decker bus turned beautiful Airbnb tiny house. It’s 25 ft long and 13 ft high and packed with creative spaces. When you enter the bus, you’ll see the spiral staircase leading up to the bedroom and an entryway that’s welcoming with plants and custom art from the previous owner. 

The head height in the kitchen was too low comfort, so they knocked out a part of the ceiling to create more freedom! Several enhance natural lighting, and new vinyl floors match the wood inside the rig. The bathroom has an adorable tiny sink with a and cute little original switches that will someday be put to use. 

Shot by: @josiahportillo
Edited by: @vanlifemedia

00:00 Introduction
00:54 Double Decker Bus Kitchen
03:57 Double Decker Bus Sitting Room
05:27 Why the Double Decker Bus
07:38 Double Decker Bus Bathroom
10:07 Running an Airbnb
12:12 Renovating the Bus-Entryway
13:56 Double Decker Bus Bedroom

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  1. I remember the grilled cheese grill! I used to live not far from there in Portland it was one of my first introductions to the concept of a converted bus. glad it went onto be a good home!

  2. Fabulous conversion .
    I actually drove London Route master buses for a few years , in the eighties .
    If they hadn’t been so nice to drive , I would have packed the job in within a week or so .
    But they were actually really lovely buses to drive around London .
    So I stayed for a couple of years .
    If I had the money , I would no doubt try to get hold of a good example .
    Perhaps if I one day win the lottery , I’ll live that dream .
    It seems as though you’re doing that yourself right now .
    I envy you in so many ways .

  3. I love this build. The reading 📚 nook is awesome, and looks comfortable. The art 🎨is beautiful. Such a wonderful air bnb.

  4. Most people use tiny homes as their main home, which isn’t bad, it’s just nice to know there is an alternative to tiny home living and something that can allow you freedom to do other things

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  6. Portland Oregon didn’t they have serious protest and months of rioting burning of businesses & buildings not to long ago.🤔
    However pretty cool rig.👍

  7. You have an AEC bus,possibly ex London transport, the engine will,if looked after, nearly go on for ever, AEC vehicles always were better than a similar Leyland vehicle.

  8. Did I miss the cook top? I saw a small fridge and kettle and pots and pans but other than a microwave nothing to cook on.

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