2 Story Family TINY HOUSE TOUR! | Mod Cabin Tiny Home!

Today we take a tour of a tiny by Mod Cabins! Last week, we toured their smaller tiny homes and this week we go through their 2 story, very spacious yet still tiny, cabin.

Levi Kelly
P.O. Box 389
Chillicothe, OH, 45601

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0:00 – 0:47 Intro
0:47 – 2:04 Magic Spoon
2:04 – 4:17 Outdoor space
4:17 – 5:26 Open Air Deck
5:26 – 8:37 Indoor Space

Thanks so much for watching and the support!
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  1. Are there any or much of these on the other side of the country in like wa, or, id, mt, wy, Utah?… i doubt we be ever going on that side of the country…

    • Next week I’ll be in Ohio again but the next 5 weeks after that there will be Washington videos and then a Utah video😁

  2. Love this! I love the idea of how they designed the bathroom and the laundry space. Taking notes on that. Also, is there any way you can teach us how you color grade your videos?

  3. Sorry, but read the ingredients on the “milk spoon” cereals, and it ISN’T HEALTHY!–their ingredients consists of “blended ingredients” that can trigger Allergies!

  4. Thanks for showing us this one Levi – loved the outdoor space and that covered deck with the fire. Indoors is superbly decorated and so light and airy too

  5. Love it !! And the fact that is has an oven is great !! You don’t see alot of ovens in Airbnb tiny houses . I could definitely stay or even live in this quiet comfortably. Thanks for all your hard work !!

  6. Sorry mate but here in the UK this would be a generous sized house. I think it does need to be defined as to what is classed as a tiny house.

  7. Do you have a video on how you got started with this gig?? I’ve been searching my whole life for a job like this one, only to find you doing this Willy Nilly! Lol did you study videography? Did you just vacate to Airbnb’s frequently or did you own properties bf you did this content creation thing? I wanna know!!!! Also, congrats👍🏽👌🏽and Keep going! Let’s do floating homes next too! Lol🛩🏡🛫🗺

  8. Had a couple baby name suggestions….Ivel….your name spelled backwards….or Avan….part of your wife’s name…couple different ideas! Best wishes to you all!

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