1. That house to the right of Randy is one of my favorites 🥰 I just wish some day I could get into one like it. Hi to Amanda and Randy 😊 BIGGUN

  2. Ace running like that is so cute. I call it zoomies. I say zoom zoom zoom and my pup starts running like crazy.

  3. Always great to watch the banter with you all. 👍😜😍😜 Love the idea of 2 for 1 You just gave me a great idea.

  4. Randy, once the Wifi is shut off, you are cut off from the world. It can be shut off but you will not be connected to the internet. When you cut it off then back on, depending on your parts used to be on the internet and the provider you use, it can be back up in seconds or minutes. Randy, there are so many people that believe in the personal touch of getting things done, nothings wrong with that. But when you are crunched for time you can use the more speedy convenient way to get back to your business as Amanda does on a daily or if you have that time and want that personal touch then you just go on and do it that way. Now Amanda, live and let live. Don’t be hard on Randy’s way. He just needs to see when its convenient for him to use the more modern way of handling business or leisure the way we do on a regular. You guys are cool. Thanks.

  5. Call me crazy but I look forward to watching you guys when I get home from work. Its the best part of the day because of your optimism and realism.
    Also what is SPOT ON which is the MOST important thing is: Quality. And you got it.
    And Randy you are WRONG on a bigger home being a less inconvenience. Try vacuuming 2000 feet home vs a 200 foot one. I vacuum the house where I live (I own nothing of it) And I hate knowing I vacuum and people walk in on dirty shoes. (here in Iceland you need to remove your shoes off when entering the home) and one person here just walks from teh garden all around indoors bringing rocks and crap.

  6. Watch Bosch, and Marvelous Miss Mazel, on Amazon Prime. On C B S streaming watch the Star trek series.

    Wondering.. who and when does someone pickup the poop? And please fix the hole before a worker breaks an ankle!! How could be dig up concrete?

  7. I live in a 2900 square foot home right now. I don’t want to live this way anymore! It’s too big, too much to take care of, and too big a payment.

    I keep planning so when my situation changes, I can buy a tiny house. When the time comes, I will know what I want to keep and what I will sell or give away. Like Randy, I love to design.

    I have looked at other tiny home builders and no one does homes at this quality for the money!


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