Converted van as full-time home for nomadic Canadian couple

May 27, 2015 john 0 4281 35:44

Mat and Danielle spent their first date bonding over Lloyd Kahn’s book “Home Work” and discussing their ideas for simplifying their lives. They became a couple, but “somewhere along the way, we ended up doing the exact opposite of what we wanted,” explains Danielle on their blog. “Instead of simplifying, we bought a house and…

Tiny House Tour: The Lucky Penny

May 19, 2015 john 30 3814 12:54

Boasting a whopping 100.3 square feet, the Lucky Penny shines with character and originality. Currently, Lina uses the toilet and shower in the main house on the property while her tiny is being finished. Want to learn more about this tiny house community? Check back soon for our next video! Lina’s tiny house blog:…

128 Square Foot Tiny House on Wheels Tour at Vermont Home Show

May 18, 2015 john 8 1060 05:49

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (, Author of “Microshelters” and “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks”), gives us a one-take impromptu tour of a brand new tiny house on wheels that was built and designed by Domenic Mangano of the Jamaica Cottage Shop in Vermont ( This tiny house is solar powered, has a small gas hot water heater,…

Tiny House with two-lofts, two showers, in Burlington, Vermont

May 17, 2015 john 2 425 09:01

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (, author of “Microshelters”) tours a house he sketched/designed, and that is being built by Eric Kurtz and the crew at Laurie’s Certified Construction (Colchester, VT)- This tiny house is 18 feet long, has two showers (one indoor (soon), and one outdoor), a third mini reading loft/level, one very large breakfast…

Tiny Houses – Container Houses Ideas

May 10, 2015 john 0 22 19:32

My Girlfriend and i have planned to build a Tiny House / Container House in the future, so i’ve downloaded a lot of videos. I’ve did a personnal ” sum up ” of the ideas that i’ve prefered and decided to post it on youtube so it may help people by giving some ideas. Hope…

Incredible Custom House Truck

May 9, 2015 john 74 23203 11:00

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