All You Need (Custom Tiny House)

January 31, 2019 john 35 11678 01:17

For sale here: Jacob builds custom tiny houses for this customers and can delivery them to you. Here’s a quick example of some of his work. For sale in Miltona, Minnesota: The world’s tiny house marketplace: Follow us on:

Young Couple’s Lovely DIY Tiny House

January 31, 2019 john 21 35998 08:53

Nicolette and her boyfriend decided that tiny house living was the right path for them. So, in 2018 they got to work and built one for themselves! Thank you two for sharing, we love how you’ve set your life up for some good old fashioned tiny house success! Tiny houses for sale at Follow…

Tiny House Built By All Female Building Company

January 30, 2019 john 25 19522 03:04

For sale here: “This Tiny House was recently finished, except for a few things to be decided by the buyer. (type of toilet) We are a local contracting company who has a interest in building tiny houses with our free time. Being an all female contracting crew we pay extra attention to design and…

Would you? $150k Hurricane-proof “Tiny House” Castle

January 29, 2019 john 21 2615 04:16

Originally on the “OddUSA” channel. At 910 square feet, its borderline “tiny”, and at least “small”, but BIG on uniqueness. Check out “The Irish Bayou Castle” aka “The Swamp Castle”, located just on the edge of New Orleans, Louisiana. You’ll pass this one (and see it from the highway) while traveling east on I-10 while…

The Top 5 Tiny House Lies

January 28, 2019 john 21 9084 14:37

There are alot of misconceptions and oftentimes…lies being thrown around out there about tiny houses and the concepts surrounding living in them. Follow us on:

Best Tiny House Tours & Stories of Downsizing in 2018

January 28, 2019 john 27 5763 06:27

Highlights of the top Tiny House, Schoolie (Bus Conversion), and Van Conversion covered on this channel in 2018. BEST OF THE BLOG LIST: ———-CREDITS———— ADDITIONAL MUSIC: OPENING MONTAGE DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed ADDITIONAL PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Jen Fuist of Tiny Dreamer, Randy Hulse of Ellen DegenerBUS & Wes & Savana of Tiny Watts…

Builder’s Incredible Fire Resistant, Off-Grid, Passive Tiny House On Wheels

January 27, 2019 john 20 81556 22:28

This incredible tiny house on wheels has been specially engineered to help make it resistant to forest fires. It’s really effective, it’s really easy to use, and the price is great. Check it out here: With wildfires becoming an every more frequent occurrence, it’s important for us to start thinking about fire resistance when…

Under $10K- A Tiny House On Wheels meets Boat Living!

January 25, 2019 john 9 1376 12:09

Meet Colby and Marie, a couple traveling and living in a tiny house on wheels- one that was built for only $10K (less actually). This simple, but clever, tiny house is loaded with space saving and transforming elements (be sure to stick around for the bed that lowers from the ceiling), and uses quite a…

Woman Living in a Tiny House to Achieve Financial Freedom – Interview & Tour

January 25, 2019 john 20 279322 10:51

Natasha is living full-time in this beach-themed tiny house on wheels. Free 2-month Skillshare trial for the first 500 people: After living in apartments for over a decade, Natasha heard about tiny houses and realized they could be a way for her to affordably own her own home and achieve a certain amount of…