BIG Beautiful TINY HOUSE with Spacious & Modern Design – Full Tour

February 29, 2020 john 20 102811 08:57

Tour this beautiful tiny house! Plus, get your first audiobook and two Audible Originals for free when you try Audible for 30 days visit or text “exploringalternatives” to 500 500! Check out this BC tiny house on Airbnb here: It was built by Mint Tiny Homes if you want to check them out here:…

Army Truck TINY HOUSE! Couple Converts Military Vehicle

February 28, 2020 john 20 10388 15:13

MORE TINY HOUSE VIDEOS AND INFO: VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Crystal and Zack converted a M1087 into the ultimate off-grid all terrain Tiny House on wheels. They now work remotely and enjoy a life of adventure. ————– CREDITS ————— VIDEOGRAPHER: Matt Alexander EDITOR: Marcia Trader ADDITIONAL MUSIC: OPENING MONTAGE DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed

Mind-Blowing Ultra-Compact Eco Tiny House

February 27, 2020 john 20 156534 22:57

This mind blowing tiny house on wheels has it all! Completely off the grid and sized at just 10m2 (107 f2) including the loft, this ultra compact home is packed full of clever design ideas. Ingenious construction techniques and lightweight, eco-friendly materials make this tiny house perfect for full time living and travel on European…

Woman Living in a Cozy 22′ Long Tiny House for 5 Years – Full Tour

February 23, 2020 john 20 85887 09:40

She designed the Keva Tiny House to be 22′ x 8.5′ wide, and 15’ tall which is taller than most tiny homes. It has an open concept living space, a clever hideaway ladder, a covered deck, an outhouse for a toilet, and beautiful woodwork from top to bottom, and the whole build cost about $55,000…

Romantic Victorian TINY HOUSE at Portland Tiny House Hotel

February 21, 2020 john 20 42309 13:25

LEARN MORE: VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Pam Westra takes us through her favorite Tiny House (the Victorian Themed Tiny House) at Tiny Digs Hotel, and talks about what it’s really like owning and running a Tiny Home Hotel. ————– CREDITS ————— VIDEOGRAPHER: Jenna Kausal EDITOR: Marcia Trader ADDITIONAL MUSIC: OPENING MONTAGE DRONE SHOT: Jonathan…


February 21, 2020 john 23 34767 07:38

This Park Model/ Tiny Home has a beautiful light and open interior with its super clever design and extremely high quality craftsmanship, this tiny home is sure to blow your mind! Park Model Homes presents to you our Newest and most popular Athens Non-Loft Design for 2020! This unit has one of the most well…

The Amazing Tiny House Traveling The World! 🌍

February 20, 2020 john 20 128321 16:37

In this weeks episode we meet Jonathan and Yunaë, an inspiring couple who are traveling the world in their amazing DIY built tiny house on wheels. Their home is beautifully constructed and has been designed to meet the challenges of global travel and life on the road. The off-the-grid tiny house was constructed over a…

Charming Rustic Tiny House With One Floor Living (No Sleeping Loft!)

February 16, 2020 john 23 33482 08:33

Do you love tiny homes, but hate the idea of climbing into bed every night? Maybe this home is the solution for you! This 8×24 foot R.J.O. starts at a base price of only $30,000! Would you have done something differently? Maybe a murphy bed is more your style or you’d rather sleep up stairs?…

Tiny House Couple Buys Florida Island & Builds 2nd Tiny Home

February 14, 2020 john 43 71222 11:58

MORE STORIES, VIDEOS, & PHOTOS: VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Sam & Tim have lived in a Tiny House on wheels for three years, and they are ready for their next project! They bought a fresh-water island in Florida, where they are building their 2nd Tiny Home. This one is Prefab 320 sq feet home on a…