1. Any idea what these 8x16s weigh? Looks like most of those trucks were able to tow them no problem. My truck is maxed at 8,900 lbs.

  2. Why do I keep getting Unsubscribed from this, my FAVORITE channel!?
    This is literally the third time in a month this has happened!
    I’ve been a subscriber on this channel for many years… So when YT Unsubscribes you, and you have to Re Subscribe yourself, are you still a candidate for the First 100,000 subs?
    This is really annoying YouTubeπŸ™„.
    But, on a lighter note, I love me some ITH!πŸ™πŸ»β™₯️

  3. I might have missed it, what’s the length from the back wall till you hit the counter? What sort of cooking surface do you use how do you vent it?

  4. Being single, I am the best candidate for these deals, and this could be a good one. I’ve been following this channel. The first time I saw a preview of these 8x16s there was no stove – only a microwave. So $20K seems a little much, and $62.5/sq-ft. This could work as long as you have a nice place to put it, but if you have to pay rent in a trailer park that could be over $600 per month.

  5. Would love to see one with a sleeping loft above the couch. Even if it needs supports going town to the floor. Would also need a full sized residential fridge. Is that possible.

  6. Some ideas: As shown in a previous video, put a closet in where the water heater is and put the water heater on top of the closet; now you have a place to hang your clothes. Instead of the “overhang” on the kitchen counter, leave it opened for a small apartment refrigerator/freezer. A box type drawer could be built to put under the refrigerator for more storage, which also rises up the refrigerator for easier access to the contents. In place of the couch, a box bed with drawers could be put there for additional storage. Big pillows could be placed on the bed on the “wall” side of the bed to be used during the day as a couch. My dad built box beds with drawers for us when we were kids and they provided lots of valuable storage space. A small shallow cupboard could be placed along side of the toilet for extra storage, as well as a cupboard up above the toilet….. I’m sure there are many other ideas for those with creative minds!!! Beautiful unit Randy! You an Amanda are quite the team with these great little homes! Blessing to both of you and keep up the could work. This world needs more good people like you!!!

  7. This is too cute! I wish I could put this in my backyard, but I don’t think HOA would approve. I could do so much with this.

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