250sqft of Paradise at Yoku Tiny House! // Airbnb Tour!

We are back at Missing Hotel staying at the Yoku tiny house! Huge doors, skylights, and a plunge pool overlooking hundreds over acres of private property.

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Thanks so much for watching and the support!
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  1. I love watching these. I live in an old, small cabin, and I like to steal design bits for my own home (since we’re rebuilding/remodeling)

  2. I like the layout of this one better. Looks like a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle. I hope we get to see your tiny home soon!

  3. I like the layout of the other cabin, it had more space in the bathroom, the kitchen had a better set up, the rope bridge was very cool, and the placement of the stock plunge pool. This one is better in terms of the exterior treatment of the cabin, decor, the skylight, and French doors.

  4. Beautiful as everything you show us!❤
    I love this aswell and yeah, the design is a great and it would probably would be my favorite, too.😁
    I like the wood and the frech windows, the deck space is perfect and the view and the surrounding makes it even better! Love Texas’ Country Side!❤❤
    Thank you and I see you next week!🌞

  5. No door on the toilet?, Right next to the kitchenette? One word, “gross” I’m all about open plan however that doesn’t include the shitter!

  6. I dream to be there that kind of place which is full of beautiful
    Nature around there 😍
    It’s look like a paradise so great and wonderful..

  7. I wouldn’t call this a tiny house because there’s really no living room so to call the bedroom a living room is not accurate. Also the sink in the kitchenette seemed really small and shoved into an odd corner like that so while aesthetically beautiful, I don’t believe this is really functional beyond staying for a couple of nights. Airbnb shows it at $424 for a single night which really boggles the mind in terms of what you actually get.

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