3 Myths About Tiny Houses on Wheels

Let’s talk tiny! What are 3 major myths about on wheels, and the why mobility is worthwhile?

To help win over the hearts and minds of neighbors and policymakers, we all need to provide a clear of understanding of the benefits of a movable house.

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  1. To help win over the hearts and minds of neighbors and policymakers, we all need to provide a clear of understanding of the benefits of a movable tiny house. 🚚🏡💨 For more on this topic, check our recent blog post: A Case for Movable Tiny Houses blog post: https://tinyhouseblog.com/tiny-house/why-wheels-a-case-for-movable-tiny-houses ✊🏡 Show your support with our Legalize Tiny Bumper Sticker: https://www.tinyhouseexpedition.com/store 👉NOW 15% Off, Use Code: LegalizeTiny

    • That’s already being done, there are tiny homes you can get for under $30K and some even under $20K…

      You can check out examples like Core Housing Solutions LLC’s Firefly and Dragonfly homes… Incredible Tiny Homes, who can do custom 16′ THOWs starting at $25K.. Mini Mansions… Houses Built Tiny LLC… and many other examples of builders who make budget priced homes…

      People just aren’t always buying homes at those prices because not
      everyone’s needs can be met for what you can get at those prices and certain things like having something custom built increases the costs but the trade off is more control over what you end up with…

      But with wider acceptance we can start seeing homes mass produced, which will significantly lower costs…

    • Excellent points,@ZeoCyberG! Though we’re leery of some poor quality, affordable options. Affordable doesn’t have to been cheap. bit of research and customer references are also needed. California Tiny House makes a beautiful 18′ tiny house for $30,000. And some smaller shops, like Perch & Nest, are willing to work within more limited budgets. Also, look a the new Tiny House Downpayment grant program through Operation Tiny Home: http://www.operationtinyhome.org/down-payment-assistance-grant

    • We consider a tiny house 400 square feet and under, whether on foundation or wheels. There’s a place for both! We really just want to see more diverse housing options in general, and want those to include movable houses because of their fantastic fill-in-the-gaps potential. Under 700 square feet is pretty darn small too. 🙂

  2. I want to live tiny so that when my boys so off to college I can help them financially. And most of all I want to be debt free… No 15 year or 30 year mortgage… 100k plus. I work as a Surgical Technologist and I will be able to take some travel assignments and take my house with me I can’t wait!!!

    • Love it! We know a few folks in the medical field who travel with their tiny house from assignment to assignment. Just a great idea. Check out SearchTinyHouseVillages.com and TryItTiny.com for parking options across the country.

  3. I want to live tiny to save money and actually afford my own home. I don’t want the upkeep of a big house. It’s going to be just me and my daughter, so I don’t see any need for a big house and big mortgage. My biggest concern is that even if I own my property here, I could only stay here for 180 consecutive days a calendar year. Maybe I could just move it every now and then? I don’t really want to, though.

    • Totally hear you on the upkeep. That’s one of our big motivators too. If you have a primary dwelling on your property (traditional house), you could rent it out and might be able to get away with claiming it as your residence. So if asked, you would say you live in the big house and but sometimes stay in the tiny house. Definitely a risk. Whereabouts do you live?

    • +Tiny House Expedition well, I won’t be able to claim a big house on the property, so there is that. But I also live kind of remotely where I know all my neighbors so that’s a plus. I don’t think anyone would care. I know of a couple RVs nearby that seem to be permanent, so I’m not sure anybody cares that much. I know it’s a risk though. I live just outside of Asheville, NC. Thanks for replying!

  4. I want tiny house but I want it on a foundation as I already have an RV, I figure I’ll travel in the RV and have the tiny house as a home base to come home to when I visit with family, i’m also realistic and know I will need a place when I’m too old and can longer travel.

    • Sounds like a great plan! In the future, we would like to have a smaller travel home and have our tiny house on a property as a home base. If you don’t want to or see a need to move your tiny house, then wheels don’t necessarily makes sense.

    • So, Walsenburg CO is just that type of town for tiny homes. They have approved tiny homes and the only caveat is that they need to be on a foundation. Find a town you like and check it out to see if the city will allow that type of dwelling on land that is available. The nice thing with small towns is that a lot of amenities are all within walking distance or a short bike ride. Then you can have someone like Volstrukt send you a kit to fit on a foundation that is relatively ready to assemble. 🙂

    • +stacy decker I live in Delaware and we still have what they call mini farm land 5 acres or less with little or no deed restriction (as long as you stay out of the developments they have more restriction), people put mobile and prefab homes on them so I figure I can put a tiny home on one, I’ve been looking for a while for some land I even thought about using 1 acre for myself and use the rest for a tiny home community but i’m sure that would require addition zoning which i’m not opposed to seeking out.

    • Living tiny isn’t an absolute, it’s about finding what’s appropriate to fit your needs without excess or waste.

      So a small home for a family is just as valid as a tiny home for an individual…

      Though, how well designed the home is can determine how small you can go and some home designs can be scaled so you can have more space when they’re growing up but scale back down when they finally leave and it’s just you…

      A lot just takes thinking outside the box to figure out how it can work…

    • Bonnie, really like what @ZeoGyberG mentioned. Look at small houses that could meet your family’s needs; divide the square footage by person and you’ll see that it really is tiny living. Maybe a small that you could remodel or customize to be more like a tiny house design you like. Here are a couple other options: 1) go tiny after your kids leave the nest, 2) research tiny house designs that might work for y’all now and later (see our resource directory: https://www.tinyhouseexpedition.com/resources), 3) consider a bus conversion– there are many bus families with multiple kids.

  5. In 5 years, I will only have about $1,000 to live on. I will be 73 years old. So, I am saving money, and will sell my condo. I do not need very much room, and am disabled. So, I want a small home, all on one floor. I plan to make it my forever home….parked somewhere. Probably in the same town as Incredible Tiny Homes, in TN. Or, maybe a Core Tiny home from Andrew Bennett, in FL.

    I priced half ton trucks, and above, and cannot afford to buy one, and travel. So. I will sit still. I was a Navy dependent, and have lived in the Orient, and Europe. So, I have done my traveling. Would love to see the USA, but the money is not there, nor the strong body.

    • That is definitely a very real and challenging timeline. Those are great options. Where do live now? We can recommend some other great options. A large scale affordable tiny house community is planned in Mesa, AZ; they will be selling and renting tiny houses (by https://www.facebook.com/TinyHouseDevelopers/). Unfortunately, a traveling tiny house is not a great way to save money due to truck cost and low mpg. Though, a small bus conversion, van or gypsy wagon or very small THOW would be much less expensive. Occasional moves are more affordable because you can rent a U-Haul or hire a mover.

    • I had a similar concern and then learned about the services to move tiny homes around vs buying an $80,000 tow vehicle for a $80,000 home.. 😉 If you have a destination and don’t plan on moving around a lot, there are services now to help us out. Another thought would be to work with a tiny home builder near where you plan on ending up. They could potentially deliver to where you’ll be living.

  6. I had my heart set on building a tiny home when I first started watching tiny home videos. But I think these videos are very misleading. There is absolutely no place to park these Homes in most states. There may be a few community is out west and a couple in the east, but for the most part housing codes do not allow for these tiny houses on any sort of properties unless you’re in the middle of the boondocks. I think that needs to be shared with people before encouraging them to build tiny homes. You can just pick up and park your tiny house in any city that you get a job in. I live in a community with very relaxed laws and they still don’t allow tiny homes. I tried to see if I could park one in a mobile home community and they wouldn’t even except it. I think it’s silly and I wish the government would change the laws. But I know that I live in a 4500 square-foot house and I don’t think I would want a tiny house living right next-door to me because it would bring down the Property value. But I do think there should be a tiny home neighborhoods or at least you should be able to park a tiny house on land that you purchase as long as it’s not in the neighborhood. I think it’s so silly that most neighborhoods require you to have at least 1500 ft.². I’m dying to downsize into one of these tiny homes. How close are we to getting the government to except these homes?

    • it’s definitely slow going, but more communities are popping up all over. There are two options I wanted to mention after reading your comment: 1) People who own land are a good option; they don’t have to worry about neighbors and often appreciate the extra monthly money from renting; I admit that discovering people willing to host is an issue, but tinyhouselistings.com now allows people to list their land, craigslist is always a good option, and there are other in-person ways to make connections with a bit of extroverted willingness to fumble. 2) I saw you mentioned mobile home communities, but RV Parks are becoming more and more receptive to tiny houses. Especially rv parks that are geared at long-term rv-ers—I see this to be the best current option. Hope that helps in some way; overall, there are options just not obvious ones. I hope you downsize into your dream tiny in the future!

    • We definitely hear your frustration, but as @conpoet mentioned, there are more and more legal options slowly but very surely becoming available across the country, and lots of low-risk options in backyards and on farms. The latest cities to allow THOWs as ADUs are San Luis Obispo (CA) and Lyons (CO). OR and WA state passed promising statewide legislation. NH is not far behind. Definitely check out SearchTinyHouseVillages.com; there are hundreds of tiny friendly RV parks, full-blown tiny house communities, including formal and informal backyard options. And our communities page (https://www.tinyhouseexpedition.com/tinyhousecommunities) and our advocacy news page– I’m adding some new victories today (https://www.tinyhouseexpedition.com/tiny-house-advocacy-news). And don’t forget our Living Tiny Legally documentaries and short videos on the topic: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlvBXhDyr9H3vVYh9UlqAuLQQ_rR8-Hph

    • Zillow.com and local realtors. Also “fourth class towns”. Before we knew where we’d get jobs, we found small parcels of land off Zillow for under 5k and contacted the corresponding realtor about what we were trying to do and if the zoning was flexible. Most of the time it was because this cheap land is in a teeny tiny town, or “fourth class town” and they’re desperate for any tax revenue from you being a property owner. 4 out of 5 listings we found later told us we could put whatever we wanted there, the town didn’t care. For reference, all locations were in NC in Watauga, Alleghany, and Ashe county.

    • LadiSnowFlake I tried the very same thing and I found a few properties in my town but the areas are really bad and sketchy. I’m married to a doctor so I feel like he would not feel comfortable living in very low income or sketchy part of town. He does have to keep up a sort of image for the people around us. We live in a small town.

    • +LadiSnowFlake 4th Class Town? Ok, that’s new to me. How do I research this and what does this mean? zillow doesn’t exactly have a 4CT search button…

  7. i know for sure that i want to live tiny; i live in an RV now and draw tiny house design after design. I’m not sure yet if I want to (learn to) build my own or have one built. But I love the idea of building a tiny with as many reclaimed materials as possible.

    • But you are living tiny! 🙂 Happy to hear you are looking into your options. Building your own is where the big cost savings is, especially with reclaimed materials. We saved several thousand doing that. But you need a place to store materials and to build. Also having an experienced carpenter friend or family member would really help get through tricky parts. Check out our resource directory with great site for finding tiny house plans, finding builders and great building workshops– online option available. Happy researching! https://www.tinyhouseexpedition.com/resources

  8. Hi Guys, I love your show and have learned so much from you. I’m in that group that is having difficulty convincing my spouse. He thought keeping our house and buying a travel trailer was the answer to squelch my desire to downsize and travel. I on the other hand am ready to sell and GO!! I’m retired and he is still working and loves his job, so I have my work cut out for me. In the mean time I am slowly going through our house and getting ready for the moment he comes around. I have been researching my dream tiny house for years and pretty much know where we will end up. I think it the perfect solution for senior living. Wish me luck, and I’m going to purchase a sticker in hopes it will subliminally help in changing his mind. Thanks and keep up the great work you both do. ps..I just tried to order a sticker and found you don’t do paypal. Please let me know if I can order direct as I don’t shop on line with my credit card. Thanks

    • Barbara thank you for your thoughtful message! And for trying to order a sticker! We’ll look at adding PayPal to our site; for now, I would be happy to send you a PayPal invoice directly. Please email us at info@tinyhouseexpedition.com. Best wishes on winning over your hubby. 🙂 I bet slowly but surely you’ll get to him, especially after witnessing how liberating getting rid of stuff can actually feel. You’ll make it happen! Check out our resource directory with lots of great links on all things tiny to help you with your researching: https://www.tinyhouseexpedition.com/resources

  9. Do you know that you inspire people not only in the USA but everywhere. Well, maybe not everywhere but in France where I live, Tiny Houses on wheels are becoming more and more known. I loved this video and all the things you show us on this Channel because it helps me a lot to imagine what we could do in my country. I don’t have my Tiny House yet, I hope to start building it like next year. But I’m in contact with several groups on Facebook who are dedicated to Tiny House in France and are trying to make Tiny Houses legal. With my limited knowledge I try to inform people and I face here and again a few hours ago the same myths you developped here. And as why I want to go Tiny : I Always felt better in small cosy spaces and I have Always wanted some kind of nomadic life. I don’t see myself building my own Big House but with the help of a professional I am very willing to create and build my Tiny House. I like the idea of a House made especially for me and I’m very aware of my ecological footprint. I Hope to reduce it more than I’ve already have by living Tiny. There is also the idea of being truly on my own concerning my needs in energy. I like to rely on myself. You’re very inspiring people the two of you. I Hope some people in France will follow your example and will use videos or Youtube to inform people about the realities of living Tiny. I am under the impression that too many people are still afraid of this alternate living.

  10. Good questions! The TH prices seem out of sync with many RV’s. A 30+ RV would be a fraction of the cost of many tiny houses, but the unique feature you have add a lot to your choice. It clearly isn’t something I could do although it appeals to me a lot! Keep up the good work!

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