3-story container townhouse shines in street art vibrant alley

When started his restaurant in ’s , land was affordable; now it’s not, so when he and his wife Ana Silva wanted to move into the neighborhood, they decided to build on top of their eatery, using shipping containers as a way to it offsite and avoid shutting down the business for more than a few days.

After selling their home to help pay for the build, the couple and their 5 children moved into Carl’s old bachelor pad: a 650 square-foot apartment (also above the restaurant). There they lived for 3 years as Carl did most of the build-out himself. The finished home is a light, modern and filled with art, like the portrait Carl did of his father out of hair or the full-body piece of his wife from MDF and wood glue.

Even the functional elements of the home are art. Carl used the technique to bring out the wood grain in most doors in the home. To avoid expensive , Carl created his own by “painting” sheet metal with vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and salt for an overnight patina. Not wanting to spend “$2000 on a chandelier”, he bought $45 bulbs and hung them from a faux fireplace mantelpiece attached to the ceiling.

The home’s entrance is at the back of the restaurant, right in the middle of “”. With one side covered in a mural, the containers fit in well on a laneway where every surface is covered in .


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  1. Oh man,I love it !!!
    I’m older now but if I had any no ey , I would do a two story container home.
    It’s just me and my best friend, we are both widows. Kids are grown and gone . So we sit and dream a lot. Since we are only on ssi there’s no way that we could ever have anything like this. But we sure do love watching folks like you two do it and do it great too.
    I’m a chef by trade and my friend is an old biker girl that was a leather seamstress.
    The odd couple.
    We eat good though.

  2. I particularly like how they tilted a container and welded it into place to make a staircase. Ingenious. 👏

  3. I’d like to comment to the general public, our wonderful content creator, but most truly to people looking back on video content from the future. I hope that when historians look back on the shift from syndicated television to streamed multimedia that they come across this channel. At the time of this comment it is the year 2020 and we are very far into the transitional process, I’d point out that this channel is a shining example of absolutely amazing content created and curated by a private person instead of a large studio or production group. Looking across the portfolio of available videos on Kirsten’s channel you should be able to see clearly that this is content that people want to see, that the creator works hard to generate and maintain it, and that the content provides great value to its consumers not only as a source of entertainment but as a wealth of educational material. This channel has empowered me not only to better understand the lives of others but it has reassured me that as human beings we have lost something along the way. We are all wonderful and unique creatures, if we were allowed more generally in the framework of society to create our own homes we would see an absolute revival in creativity and self expression. I believe that cookie cutter living solutions have been made available to us at a great cost, a cost that this channel helps identify. Our homes may have similar features like doors and windows but honestly none of them should look the same, major styles have become popular at different times in society but I hope these videos highlight a turning point where people feel more interested in creating there own homes and that they realize just how possible it is.

  4. Nice to see a Black homeowner featured. Hope to see more. The home is beautiful; and as a hemp farmer, the cannabis plants are an added bonus. 🌱

  5. Love the inside.
    Love that they were able to stay where they consider home.
    The outside…is not art. The outside is graffiti…and is an abomination / eyesore

  6. I love this! Thanks for showing us around this awesome home. Undoubtedly absolutely authentic with it’s own charm

  7. I really enjoy how he describes how he built, designed and made so many of the things and stuff in their house.

  8. Awesome guy! All he toughed is art!
    Just wow!
    Thanks you so much for sharing this incredible house!
    Stay safe and healthy!

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