3 Years Living in a Modern, Off Grid Tiny House

Dawn built her modern off-grid tiny house in a work shop in Nova Scotia, Canada with her business partners, Jennifer and James, from Full Moon Tiny Shelters (http://fullmoontinyshelters.com/).

We also take a tour of her amazing home.

She loves to cook and spends a lot of time on floor doing yoga, meditation and sound healing so she designed her tiny house according to her needs with a furniture-less living room and a large galley kitchen giving it a very open concept feel.

open in the tiny house has a beautiful energy, especially when Dawn is drumming or playing her monochord. It’s obvious that “Harmony House” was the perfect nickname for this luxury musical micro cabin wheels.

To heat tiny house, Dawn has installed a Danish wood stove made by Morsø and she uses sawdust bricks which are more portable for her than firewood. To learn more about the stove: http://morsoe.com/us/frontpage

Full Moon Tiny Shelters has built some of best quality and most beautiful tiny houses we’ve seen so far and we love that they’re built in an off-grid workshop, too.

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle




Editing Credits:
and Danielle of Alternatives

Filming Credits:
Mat of Alternatives


  1. Hi everyone!
    I need your help! Does anyone know how the instruments at 8:00 and 8:19 are called? I would be so happy if anyone could help me!

  2. I love this tiny house. It is beautifully minimal and functional too! My favourite part is the raised floor that can be converted into a table. Also I must know what type of steel tongue drum that she is playing is. The sound is amazing!

  3. You inspire me! Thank you. Coming from Ontario, I’m struggling to find anywhere in Canada where we can set up permanently but perhaps “property sitting” is a great viable alternative. Hoping to retire within the next 3-5 years and I would love to live “tiny”. Thank you!

  4. I only use my washer and drier once a week, even though I do multiple loads on that day…I wonder if I could work out an alternative…

  5. This is an excellently done video it feeds your brand your ideas and your movement. If you are able to try and tell the story of the people and the places that you are recording every time. It will literally have your followers screaming for more content! Keep up the great work Mat and Danielle.

  6. Oh my gosh. I love love love when you said about not having a washing machine or dryer. I am autistic and having either of these in a tiny home is a big no for me. I thought I was the only one who didnt want a washer and dryer, glad to know you feel the same way 😉

  7. Total goals! I live and own my loft apartment in an Aussie capital city now but could so see myself doing this in the future. I grew up in the Aussie bush, lived in an open 3 wall shed on a rural property as my ‘first home’ after high school & even had to run tape across the shed to stop horses from eating from my kitchen, years later I lived in a tiny ‘bed sitter’ micro-studio apartment in Sydney for 3 years that BARELY fit a double bed, also did Burning Man so understand the ideology of personal water & resource consumption – this is such an inspiring way to live ???? She sold this without even trying ?? ?

  8. Being alternative is now becoming the new norm.

    Id love to bulldoze my old 70s style house and built a tiny house on my block of land. Preferably on a foundation. (Pending council approval)
    With an outside laundry/bathroom in more or less a shed like. What I have seen on cattle stations.

    Using the rest of my land to create a “backyard” farm.
    The vegetables, my chickens plant a few fruit tree’s.

    I love the location in which I live so I don’t want to move location.

    Having your wardrobe based around the bathroom area is a great idea. I mean your not hiding away from the rest of the family, it’s your self/partner so no need to hide and shut doors ect.

    For single people (before kids) or single mothers/fathers with a child. To save money on the cost of a general house costs ect.

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