40+ Tiny Houses Featured- WIN this NEW tiny house book

Just released, Derek “” Diedricksen’s new book “Micro Living: 40 Innovative Tiny Houses Equipped for Full-Time Living, in 400 Square Feet or Less” that featured 40 tiny houses from around the world. What do you know, my “Cheer Stand” is in there too!

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  1. Love the Tiny House Movement. I try to get to as many festivals as possible to see what’s out there for tiny living. This book looks great. Good job!

  2. That is amazing… Your so generous. I’m sure there is so much info in there for those interested in DIY for themselves!! Not just everyone would help the underdogs in the cut throat world!! Thank you so much…!!! Peace and best of luck in your future endeavors!!! Favorite space dancing storage tips. would be using spaces like behind kick plates, under fridge/ washer dryer combo and along/hanging from ceilings for storage.. also I reuse empty containers… Ex cereal boxes, oatmeal boxes even pringles cans. Cover with contact paper or paint. Works excellent for storing and storing out things you need to keep but want handy and sorted neatly as part of the decor…

  3. It’s a retiree dream. To be comfy and compact. I love space saving tips. Do more on bottom floor rooms for the elderly you can access bed from both sides. I would appreciate your book.

  4. Also, If you put strong cords tied up to a thick board and put your bed on top, you could pull your bed up when your not using it. Another trick would to be, use a horse trailer to built your new home from because a lot if them have large cabinets in the front for extra storage.

  5. My favorite space saving tip is putting the bedroom on the floor, next to the kitchen, then having a small-ish living/great room above that with a couple of steps for easy access. Doing that you can add the bathroom on the other side of the kitchen and shorten your entire house.

  6. Store things in other things. The purse you’re not using goes in the backpack goes into the suitcase. Storing you’re winter gear? Put your mittens in your coat pockets.

  7. My favourite space saving tip is combining the bathroom sink and toilet water flushing tank to use the gray water from the sink to flush the toilet saving on space and also reusing gray water

  8. As a 69 yr old person with no retirement funds other than ss and working, a tiny home is the most logical way I can think of to be able to afford to remain independent in today’s economy. Your book would be an inspirational and invaluable guide.

  9. Favorite TH space saving tip would have to be find ways to have multiple uses for things. Ex: a loft ladder that hinges up and latches to become a drying rack for damp clothes.

  10. My favorite space saving tip is putting holes in the step storage where you can store a broom and mop so they are not in plain sight.

  11. My favorite tiny-house space-saving tip is to make as many items in the house multi-functional as possible! 🏠🏠👍

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