40ft Shipping Containers Transformed Into Amazing Off-Grid Family Home

This amazing small home has been built using two 40ft shipping containers, slightly of-set from one another to create a stunning, off-the-grid family home.

Feeling inspired to downsize after watching tiny home and small house design videos online, this couple decided to take the plunge into designing and building a shipping for their family to reduce their expenses and be able to dedicate more time to the things that really matter.

You can find our more about this tiny home on our website: http://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/off-grid-twin-40ft-shipping-container-home/

This off-grid container home is completely solar powered, with a huge solar array producing more than enough power for the small house. It’s water is collected from a nearby bore.

Otto Engineering: http://www.ottoengineering.co.nz/

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  1. I would love to live in something like this but in the UK land prices with permission for housing is just prohibitive :(((

  2. I like the tiny houses coming from the people who can’t really afford living.
    These rich folk take it as a side project…
    ( not saying they are in the vid )

  3. Wow! What a beautiful home they have created…a fantastic use of space. They are a nice couple who have made a lovely home for their family. I can see why they were inspired by your channel Bryce. I am determined to live in a tiny house one day, hopefully my husband will come round to the idea! My dream is to live off grid and be self sufficient, to get out of the corrupt system we live in….😊🌳🤗

  4. i really loved this house, until the point where i saw that the 3 kids share one room. i really think, that the kids need their own rooms, for private space and to really grow up a normal way.

  5. Absolutely love the place I think a mud room is the right idea I agree with you about the communal eating that’s really important, and the copper fittings was expensive really worth it. Did you guys consider purchasing a third container so that you would have well-defined long-term sleeping solutions with Headroom, what were the arguments against a third container? best of luck guys!

  6. Here in Brazil (Sao Paulo), 10 m² apartments are being sold for rich people who wants a ‘place to crash’ or ‘transition period home’. Seems like the system found an exploit into the Tiny House way of life.

  7. I looked into container building. Sadly our HVAC needs in northern Minnesota overwhelm the costs of traditional stick-built building processes.

  8. While the kids are small it would work but eventually the kids will get bigger and will need more room and probably their own space.

  9. I love how they did the interior, to me it almost looks like a blend of modern and rustic to me. Very nicely done, I wish he would have gotten more in depth about the surrounding area though, seems like they’re living next to a wine vineyard, relatives place maybe?

  10. I’m loving this different vibe from the usual “hippie” /”all natural” feel we get from the other homes. Nothing wrong with the others, but it is refreshing to see the different options of a more modern or contemporary vibe whilst still living out the tiny home dream! For some reason I always wondered if the two worlds could mix somehow, but that has been answered here. You don’t need to sacrifice everything for the tiny home dream.

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