5 Unique Tiny Houses! Clever Design Ideas for Small Spaces

We share captivating & clever ideas from 5 completely unique . Ranging in size, 140 to 248 sqft, AND in cost, from under $20,000 to $40,000.

In our travels across North America, we’ve connected with hundreds of tiny dwellers. Seeing how they each tailor their small space around their needs and passions never gets old. It always gives us fresh #TinyHouseIdeas for how to update our own or what we could do in a future build.

Featured #TinyHouses:
🌞 Sol Haus: https://www.solhausdesign.com
👉Plans: https://tinyhouseplans.com/sol-haus/

✨ Lilypad Tiny House: https://weecasa.com/lyons/lilypad

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  1. We’ve connected with hundreds of tiny dwellers across N. America. Seeing how they each tailor their small space around their needs & passions never gets old. It always gives us fresh ideas for how to update our own tiny home or what we could do in a future build. We hope this video provides inspiration for your future tiny home! ✨👉 *Watch more Tiny Home Tours & Stories:* https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlvBXhDyr9H3XQbgDHQG23m1P_7LN1yyS

  2. ‘love all the stories of these builds and their additional info…love the tiny house video filmed concept in quads.. hopefully would like to see more of these ‘

  3. I remember anitas tiny when she was interviewed in portland. I sure loved her design choices. Awesome to see an update

  4. Loved looking at the first houses and wish the tours could have been more thorough. However, not the last one. I have seen way too much of this last couple already. The girlfriend seems to lack the ability to keep her hands to herself while on video. Mature relationships don’t need to be “hands on” constantly. The funny thing is that he showed his tiny house off some years earlier. With a different girlfriend! 😋🤗Give their video a pass.

  5. Really like the lily pad. I’ve been thinking of doing the same layout, somewhat. Like the living room be up. Would have loved to see an actual tour. Did you feature that house on an episode? Love you guys, continue to stay safe.

  6. I really loved some of the ideas here! Unfortunately Missouri is very Tiny House unfriendly. Unless you own a large parcel of land far out in the country, with a pre-existing structure, it’s a no go. Which makes it prohibitive for many.

    • Sorry to hear that! Most THOWs are placed in communities, or as accessory dwellings in backyards or farm-type land, but often under the radar.

  7. Sol House is just beautiful. It’s so light and airy with it’s combo Japanese/Scandinavian design. I really loved this house and the double doors to the covered deck, very clever and thoughtful design.

  8. Que lastima que este movimiento de las mini casa no exista en colombia porque me encanta 😊

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