500-Square-Feet Small House with a Loft

This by SmallWorks Studios packs every little thing you'll presumably want into 500-- of space. And it even has a garage and upstairs balcony.

Full post: http://www.tinyhousetalk.com/500-sf-small-house/
SmallWorks Studios: http://www.smallworks.ca
Couple who constructed their very own: http://buildsmall.blogspot.com


  1. Thanks, Alex. I like that these are not portable, but actual modern-looking
    small homes. They look lovely, with the high ceilings and windows up the
    wazoo! Nice!!

  2. Yes!! I’m glad you liked it. Yeah- the portable ones are cool, but this
    kind is way more doable for most people- I think so, anyway. Thanks!!

  3. Has anyone found a way around county building permit requirements for floor
    plans? I’ve been confronted with minimum floor plans that require houses to
    be 720sq ft or more. My dream of building a 500sq ft house was prevented by
    the county because I couldn’t get a permit to build a house less than 720sq
    ft. Cheers

  4. Not sure about your county, but in mine, we’re able to build smaller
    buildings (400 sq ft and under) without permits if they’re built as
    accessory or vanity structures. i.e. – Can’t have sewage lines. If you’re
    into composting toilets, this could be a viable option… but things change
    from county to county :

  5. I really like this! I would have to tweak it in my case w/a small 1/2 bath
    on the 1st for, no bedroom on the 2nd but a bigger living space. Also 2
    more floors & full bath for myself & kids. I love all the windows, makes it
    feel so spacious!

  6. Very nice floor plan, and a beautiful space to be in. The natural light and
    many windows, would allow you to look out on nature freely. And give you a
    taste of modern to boot. Really love it. Will have to think on this design,
    on my homestead, as a possibility. Thanks for the sharing.

  7. Lovely, cheerful colors make the space so inviting. I like the challenge of
    keeping the house clean and clutter-free to maximize the visual space and
    flow. Good job!

  8. I agree, it not being portable does look better. Unfortunately, housing
    regulations prohibit houses under certain sizes (I believe 1200 sq. ft.).
    Making them portable is a simple way of getting around the regulations.

  9. Wow … that´s so amazing .. love your approach using lots of windows to
    create a “light-feeling” feels like being on holiday in your own home.
    greets from Hamburg

  10. Love this one because it is modern, not just “cute” I would love to see
    solar panels on the roof, and yes, a longer video – definitely. what kind
    of a foundation did you use? Do you sell plans (with material list ) for
    this? 🙂 I just got rid of all of my stuff and moved to another State with
    only what fitted into my 4 door truck. Downsizing is a liberating

  11. gosh why house your car. seems like the space would be better spent for
    people. it would also be cheaper to not have the outside deck upstairs and
    square off the house. you would catch more rain off the bigger roof too.

  12. I loved the tiny house video, thinking about building one. I would enjoy to
    owen one of these fine little homes. if there is anyway possible to get
    more info on this,it would be very appreciated. Thank you for sharing it
    with us. Elaine

  13. Yeah, fantastic layout. It almost gives the impression that your in a much
    larger place. The only thing I would change is the garage….that is a
    second bedroom, screw housing the car.

  14. LOL these are going for over 100k to build it yourself. What a ripoff. I
    can buy plans, buy a shipping container for 3k, and spend 10k worth of
    materials and have a house too. If I spent 100k I would have 2k sq.ft

  15. I would love to have my own home like this. I have no clue where to start.
    I’m in Maryland… can someone email me or msg me how to get started.
    Prices, permits and all that good stuff. This house is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!
    Thank you kindly!

  16. It’s a good point but I see the value in a garage if you plan on keeping it
    for more than 5 years. Keeps the weather from getting to the paint, all the
    parts, etc. Will last longer and save you on repairs. Plus you don’t have
    to air condition the garage or anything.

  17. I love tiny homes and this is one of the best ones I’ve seen. It’s a good
    point about space but as someone who has had a parked car on the street
    vandalized once and totaled another time, I am all for the garage. The only
    thing I found problematic about this home is the lack of space around the
    bed. With my bad back, I need to be able to walk around the bed in order to
    make it. I can’t even stand one long side of the bed being against the wall
    but this would be a major pain for me…literally.

  18. I agree about catching the rainwater and all, but can we make one for me
    that’s net zero? It would probably need a solar/geothermal combo. It’s

  19. i would use more modern looking furniture in the upstairs but other than
    that your house is amazing dude, completely captivating

  20. Ooh I love this..amazing design…Perfect…love it. Now the thing is I
    like to entertain and my girlfriends and I do frequent girls nights and
    games nights and people always end up sleeping over..not to mention my kid
    cousins who love to spend time with me. How much would an extra loft at the
    top affect the design? How high could I make it that grown ups feel
    comfortable and not change the charm of the house. ‘Cause this one is
    truly, truly ‘darling’, to quote another response.

  21. I was thinking maybe a trap door with a drop-down ladder at the top of the
    present staircase, that would lead to two small 6ft 6in high attic-like
    rooms with windows all round like a viewing tower. The partition would be
    something like a closet with hanging space and shelving on either side.
    Making it convenient for short or not so short stays in the case of my
    cousins. Oh boy there would be a lot of traffic. Specially for the
    bathroom. 🙂

  22. It is an attractive home, you got a good eye. On the other hand, I
    would’ve put the stairway against the back wall in the kitchen and slide
    the bath and kitchen to the front. That would give you more usable space
    upstairs w/ better street views from the living area. I’m guessing you
    prefer to have a kitchen that’s hidden from guests. You achieved that, but
    got a bathroom door in the foyer so the trade wouldn’t be worth it to me.
    Everyone has different prefferences.

  23. Two good reasons here, first it keeps your car in better shape or if you do
    not want to use it for your car it is good for flexible storage. Secons,
    when I lived in Western NY State what people did was put a screen down in
    front of the garage door and put carpet and couches in there in summer, a
    cheapo-florida room of sorts. In winter put the car back inside.

  24. I’ve read a few comments and thought I could clarify some questions.
    SmallWorks focuses on building laneway houses, ie, homes that are built
    where a detached garage was formerly.They are meant to be rented out.They
    are expensive, but that price includes all of the paperwork and permits
    required to build a laneway house.The garage is not necessarily meant for
    the renter, but for the owner of the main home.While these are meant to be
    rentals, there are still some good tiny home principles in use.

  25. First thing I think of regarding a garage in the house is air quality.
    Exhaust,oil and gas fumes are horrible and like living next door to a
    smoker – it seeps in. I say get rid of the roof too – put in a roof-top
    deck 🙂 still can collect the rain water as well.

  26. Depends on the climate and a flat roof can be a disaster if whoever owns
    the house isn’t able afford repairs the moment they are required in the
    future. A traditional roof can usually be patched. And if the place you
    live gets hot in summer an upstairs deck can get a better breeze than a
    ground floor one. Personally I prefer garages to be at the front of the
    property – no driveway taking up space (or posing a hazard to any small
    children playing on the lawn).

  27. First time at an Ikea store today and after seeing how much can be done
    with such a small amount of space , im hooked on small apartments. So glad
    I found your channel [Subscribe]

  28. Unless you live in a place where there is acid rain then that is not really
    an issue. Cars these days are pretty rust resistant.

  29. I would probably convert the garage into the kitchen/living areas, convert
    the bathroom into a toilet room with sink and with the extra space upstairs
    I would install a small bathroom. I live this house and I love how you
    could customise it to your tastes!

  30. I actually like the garage and the balcony, what I’d change is the open
    from the 2nd level to look down the kitchen area, to ma that’s a waste of
    space, I’d close that and have even more room on the 2nd level, but I
    really love the house!

  31. I must say. Out of all the small homes I have seen that are non-mobile. I
    like this design the best. Although, I would probably use the garage space
    as actual living space and erect a carport to shelter my vehicle. I suppose
    the need for a garage would depend on what area of the country you were
    living. All in all …I love it!

  32. The roof area looks flat. Is there a pitch on the roof for rain or is the
    roof made similar to a mobile home or motor home with a rubber type of
    material that is sealed occasionally. I am not a fan of nearly flat roofs
    as there is always some problem with leaks. I suppose I would opt for a hip
    roof. I like your house design a lot. Do you have more detailed plans?

  33. You’re reading my mind! I would use solar panels and propane etc to make it
    self contained. Now to figure out what it would cost…..

  34. Oh man! I’d love a balcony. You could have a mini garden and just enjoy the
    air and sun. How nice would it be to have your very own place to read
    outside or have brunch with your loved ones on a Sunday morning? I miss my
    porch! This house is just perfect!

  35. I’d turn the outdoor balcony into more living space with half of it
    becoming the bathroom, and turn the downstairs bathroom into a dinning
    room/tv room, get rid of a few windows and the space-wasting french doors,
    but other then those issues, I’d pick this blue print in a heart-beat!

  36. Moving the bathroom upstairs would increase costs and make the house harder
    to build. One thing I really like about this floor plan is that the
    bathroom and kitchen are on the same wall, meaning you use less pipes and
    hot water doesn’t travel as far (making it come out hot sooner).

  37. Totally reasonable and legitimate points, but hey, if I’m paying for a
    whole house to be constructed, I will have it built as close to what I’d
    like it to be.

  38. The plans don’t match the pictures. The kitchen has an island in the
    drawings and in the photo there is a bench in front of the window. No
    wonder you blast through the video. It is a fraud.

  39. If one lives in warmer climate the upper outside deck is great, most people
    would choose to be outside. If the climate is cold or rainy most days of
    the year one would want it closed. It would be wasted space. Same with a
    garage…it all depends on the climate you live in. If it snows you’d want
    a garage, if you can walk or bike to most of your destinations, no garage

  40. Unfortunately I see this as a hold back for having a tiny house, seeing as
    the footprint is what determines your area of living and your cost. If the
    people who plan to live in the space were comfortable living in the space
    the size of two side by side bedrooms, then it could totally work.

  41. Housing a car will keep the resale value high, maintenance low and reduce
    wear and tear. All in all, a plus in your pocket. That is, if you need a

  42. Excellent use of space…the garage could also house an IKEA type bed and
    allow others to stay…if needed. 500 feet should be more than enough room
    for two large American adults. So you buy some land..get good plans…pay
    75k the land and the house and travel the world with little money needs
    later. You could even exchange living in another place for your small
    space…Europeans would ‘eat this up’

  43. I lived in a 600 square foot house for 5 years. It was small. It had no
    closet space or a washer and dryer. The sink in the bathroom was too small
    to wash your face in. There was only a shower and no tub. Those are my
    complaints. Other than that it was really well built. It was made with 2×6
    walls and was super insulated so it cost nothing to heat or cool (Boise,
    Idaho)… It was cozy and hidden. I loved it. But to add a washer and dryer
    and closet space, you’d have to make it a bit bigger..

  44. The idea of the bed with walls on either side is a very bad one. You need
    to be able to get out of bed when you might be not feeling good, or say you
    have a broken arm or leg or medical condition … that does not work, plus
    you get a spider on the ceiling and it will drive you crazy as it crawls
    along the walls and ends up in your bed. 500sq.ft. is just too small, and
    also the living area in the upstairs by the bed … not good. Better living
    room in garage and less patio. also so storage.

  45. > 500 feet should be more than enough room for two large American adults
    Enough room if eventually you want one of the large American adults to kill
    the other one. That’s kind of crazy, I’d like to see a video of a large
    size American adult trying to get in and out of bed, let along make it to
    the bathroom in the middle of the night – probably crawling over the other

  46. lol my thoughts exactly, except my thought is what if your too hammered to
    climb the ladder to go to bed. and if you do make it up what if you really
    need to pee and have to climb down hammered. this is a drunken nightmare

  47. my bedroom would have to be a little bigger. That bedroom would cause me to
    have panic attacks. Maybe 1000 Feet would be better.

  48. I don’t understand ive seen whats called “park models” that have 399
    sq.feet and look like they have way more room. Especially in the bedroom.

  49. I would have thought its beautiful if this is the 1st design I saw, but now
    I am just so sick of neutral color schemes and clutters.

  50. I think people becoming more conscious about excess and debt slavery is
    great, but let’s not fool ourselves, even if we live in smaller houses, the
    system will find a way to make them as expensive as it wants. Just look at
    real estate prices in NYC, Japan or other areas where people have been
    forced to downsize. You could still spend a lifetime trying to pay them off.

  51. i agree with you with 1 addition. the garage is really a waste on this,
    very narrow looks like alot of space could have been used better

  52. Yeah, but I personally need the garage space for my workshop and my car, so
    it works for me, but most likely not for most people.

  53. WANT!!!! seriously, this is basically my dream house. Enough space for
    comfortable living, and a garage.And it looks really nice!

  54. you can do that if you can buy the landground, but more and more you cant,
    and they want to build up for high density .

  55. In the second floor plan, it appears that you have to go outside to go
    upstairs. The steps empty out at the wall meaning outside? The first floor
    seems to show that there is a landing. Are the step runs to code, i.e., 7″
    riser and 11″ step? What that said, like this along. Appreciated the wide
    wall in the kitchen where the girl was sitting. I gives a bigger feel.
    Thanks for post.

  56. I’d put a table “in” the kitchen along where the window/bench is and make
    the dining area the living room and make the living room a 2nd
    bedroom…and also make the beds fold up into the wall (yes, a murphy style
    bed) to open up some space for using a fold down table for crafts,
    homework….etc. I’d keep the balcony.

  57. I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, not everyone have the concern to
    own a place which size fits their REAL needs (rather than the ones fed to
    them by the marketing of profit-hungry companies). Even when a
    reasonable-size house appears the obvious alternative, we have to overcome
    obstacles such as fighting our local town administrations and finding a
    contractor accepting to build it, as small homes mean a lower yearly
    revenue in taxes and a smaller profit.

  58. Although the movement is progressing a bit slowly, it is just about time
    (if not a little late) for human-size homes to become trendy again. So many
    people have gone from the simple dream of having a home of their own to the
    appetite of owning a palace … wasting so much resources that extends way
    beyond construction with the heating, furnishing, renovating etc. of those
    disproportionate mansions occupied by few individuals.

  59. Can a house like this be built in America, more specifically North
    Carolina? On a plot of land? I am dying to want to try something like this
    for myself

  60. would remove the garage and make it living space where i would add a
    storage and collecting room to make my nerd cave. Other than that it’s a
    really nice house

  61. Where is the closet? I’m guess the laundry is in the garage and, you have
    to go downstairs to go toilet from the living room..

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  63. That depends. You’re going to have to look into the zoning bylaw for the
    property you want to put it on. Talk to the planning department with the
    local government authority


  65. I like the design – the bedroom alcove is especially gorgeous – but using
    so much space for a garage in such a small house seems wasteful. If you
    have to have a car, why not just park it outside?

  66. Housing has gone crazy..Here in San Francisco ,Calif..The house next door
    was listed at $ 700,000.00..Piece of crap…Sold for over $
    800,000.00…One month later they are still working on the renovation…..

  67. I would use the garage for storage, and a washer and dryer, or maybe a
    living space for when guest come to visit.

  68. im sorry, this is just my opinion, but in that small of a house, NOT
    converting the garage to living space is just really stupid to me. We’ve
    never parked our cars in garages, and been fine

  69. UN Agenda 21……no thank you. this movement is part of that plan to move
    everyone into mega cities in tiny houses and apartments. I have no issue
    with affordable housing. I have a big issue with trying to pass these
    houses off under the guise of “sustainability”.

  70. You are right about the agenda, but this isn’t about that. Im very anti
    agenda, I also live in 1300 sq ft 2 bathroom house I don’t like or need, in
    a very high tax area. I could buy a small lot 10 miles outside of town and
    be much happier in a house half the size. I also think most people who
    dislike small houses are Men who never have to clean their McMansions. I
    also am sick of cooking and would love to share a small vegetarian micro
    community of people over 55 with a common organic kitchen.

  71. I am an Idiot? easy to call someone an idiot behind a keyboard with no
    qualifying explanation. Have a nice day!

  72. umm, I believe this movement started because of the housing crisis, peoples
    homes being foreclosed on them. This was an answer to their dilemma. As far
    as Agenda 21 and ICLEI, I agree with you.

  73. This looks like a great design. I am a huge fan of prefabricated homes. In
    Sandpoint, ID, it is difficult to find a nice home on acreage for under
    $200,000. But, it is far more reasonable to find the land an install a
    prefabricated home and I am not talking a “manufactured home” which comes
    with all kinds of stigma whether true or not, it is just reality. Anyone
    builders, real estate agents, etc, have any designs they like that are
    inexpensive to ship and/or build?

  74. It gained attention in the media, but it has always been around. Search
    Tumbleweed_Tiny_House_Company on wikipedia.

  75. I have seen a lot of tiny home designs … This is one of the best I have
    seen! Especially nice are the inclusion of Indoor garage, and secure
    balcony. Good job!!!

  76. I’ve been trying different layouts to create my own tiny home. I love this
    house. I would not need the garage and would use it for a living room. The
    upstairs LR would just expand the bedroom and provide storage. I do love
    the bedroom being on the top floor but could also use the garage space as a
    bedroom (since the bathroom is nearby) and use the full upstairs as a
    LR/den. Very flexible design for a small home.

  77. Like this one? Most likely less than $20,000 USD, depending on materials.
    If you want a really well built house, built above code, then you’re
    looking at maybe another ten thousand. So for about 30,000, less than the
    price of 80% of the new car market, you can have a decent small home.
    Personally, I’d increase the footprint slightly, make it a little more
    spacious, but not by much & the overall design is actually really well
    thought out.

  78. Lots of Square footage lost with the stair well. Got to go down stairs at
    night to use the bathroom? Not for me. But it is interesting.

  79. I hit ‘like’ for ya… BTW- I need to find-out how to produce a slide show
    w/audio … like this YT-vid … is it a natural function in an Apple
    computer op-sys? I noticed you credit the background music as Apple’s.

  80. there is a longer version of this house video, don’t know if i saw it on
    ‘tiny house talk’ also. think this one is located in canada.

  81. I take it the purpose of smaller houses is to leave a smaller environmental
    “footprint”??? Consider: “Open to dining below” = wasted energy and space,
    especially in a small house like this. An open stairwell also wastes
    energy. Trust me – when they remodeled my house, they left the basement
    stairs open. I have no way of closing it off and it doesn’t retain heat in
    the winter. I also can’t keep the upstairs cool in the summer because it
    all heads down the open stairwell.

  82. this house is incredible. where do i get one!??!?! i want something like
    this for my land up in the mountains. i would eliminte the garage though
    and opt for a second sleeping quarters or maybe increase the living space.

  83. I love all of the windows throughout this house. It really helps. I already
    live in a 500-sq-ft space and it appears large because my entire east wall
    is glass and overlooks a park full of trees. Makes the whole place look 2x

  84. I love all of the windows throughout this house. It really helps. I already
    live in a 500-sq-ft space and it appears large because my entire east wall
    is glass and overlooks a park full of trees. Makes the whole place look 2x

  85. this would be a good starter home. I would convert the garage into a master
    bedroom. convert the upstairs bedroom into an office.

  86. this of course, is the direction of the global future. we must keep our
    energy consumption to a minimum, our function to a maximum and our overhead
    and financial burden as low as possible. Great work all of you!

  87. So YOU have the money to buy a 10,000 sq ft home just so that you don’t
    smell your own farts. On the other hand anyone making such a comment must
    have a scat fetish. Go eat some and leave normal people alone.

  88. This is awesome. I look forward to learning more about the tiny house
    approach, since I am looking to scaling down in the coming years. – Thank

  89. It would be great if the small space matched the price. We don’t have an
    option to buy a small custom home over a large prebuilt home because it
    costs too damn much for any kinda custom new home.

  90. What if I didn’t need the garage? Is there plans for a onebedroom
    downstairs as well also keeping the loft?

  91. Hello, I was curious on obtaining the floor plans to this home. It is very
    lovely and would like to have one myself with modifications of course 🙂

  92. You guy’s must be kidding me. I used to live in a 500 sq ft home in Germany
    and it sucked. Unless your single, never have guests and don’t own anything
    a place this small is just to tiny. Sure the home looks cute and cozy on
    video but go take a look for real at such a home.

  93. For me, this is perfect. I’m moving to something that’s less than 300 s.f.
    in about a month (although I think I’ve found a way to make that work). I
    think they could park on the street and turn that garage into more space if
    they wanted to.

  94. Love it, that’s all I would ever need, but make it a 2 bed room some how
    with a hall separating it from the living room.

  95. I’d make the dinning room and kitchen the 1 or 2 bed room and move the
    dinning and kitchen upstairs with the living room.

  96. I lived in a 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment with more room than that at 400.
    Ofcourse out side parking, and no deck

  97. Never will this catch on, too many leaches who need you to pay into a 30
    year mortage for 300 thousand dollars to sell you a 40 grand house you can
    own in 5 years.

  98. You can draw a copy of what you see and bring it to a local architectural
    engineering school. Have a student draw it up for you. Costs less and it
    will be up to code. Find out if your city allows or accepts student designs
    as well as professional. I think if the instructor co-signs it will be

  99. I know right. Worries me too.. Only need just so much space for myself, the
    occasional guest, and a pet or two and I hate apartments. I think if it
    becomes a demand we can do something about the laws concerning this. I dont
    want to spend my life chained to a mortgage and working just to pay bills.
    I want to have something in the bank for the maybe days and the occasional
    exotic trip.. I want to be able to work to live not live to work…and I
    dont want a cookie cutter house to call my home .

  100. Colin sez it’s not so much about environmentally friendly as it is freedom
    to do, and go where you want without an enormous bunch of crap that you
    have to worry about when you are gone.

  101. This video was a flash in the pan!! Why didn’t you do a walk thru of this
    home?? It looks like one of the better ones and I surely would have liked
    to have seen more! And it’s real funny… cause the credits took a 3rd of
    this wickedly fast video!

  102. It’s 500 square feet. Closing that off, making it feel more constrained
    might save what, $5/month in utilities? Having a sense of openness helps in
    a small place.

  103. And who do you know that ever puts a car in the garage? A garage is for a
    work shop and storage. And to work on your car if needed, Also not everyone
    lives in a warm climate. When heavy winter snow covers everything a garage
    would be great.

  104. I think it would have made more livability sense to have the living room
    and kitchen on the same floor together, and the bedroom and bathroom
    together on the other floor… In this particular design, I would swap the
    spaces currently used for the tiny bedroom and the downstairs kitchen, and
    found a way to have the door from the garage open into the entry way so
    access either to the private bedroom/bathroom area or the public
    dining/living room area were located there.

  105. Draw up your own plans, make a few modifications to this home, suit it
    better to the land you’re building on, and take it to another local
    builder. Or even ask them to design a home, similar to this one such that
    it doesn’t infringe on copyright. If you want a house, don’t let their
    ignorance get in the way of your dreams! 🙂

  106. I agree the garage is a waste of space that area could be used for a bigger
    living area, a bathroom for guest or an additional bedroom. You can see
    there is a driveway outside if they are worried about a hail storm you can
    build a car port over the driveway to protect the car. If storage is an
    issue the walls can get closet space and cupboards built into it.

  107. The fact that greedy people are still buying larger homes would indicate
    your a little off on your perception of consumer demand. While I am not a
    fan of developers….it is what it is. This house is inspiring me to plan
    for my own downsizing…thanks!

  108. Nice eyecatching design, but a tad too small for me… I would like about 8
    or 9 hundred square feet, passive solar, so it will be cement, basically
    all the charm of a shoebox, a very efficient one…

  109. Very nice design, but my car would not feel bad for not being included in
    my house… The garage could be used as more living space, and the balcony
    could be reduced so as to make a larger bedroom. Still though, very

  110. I fully agree, the garage would probably be better used as living space,
    depending on how much you “baby” your car, and how much time you actually
    spend at home.

  111. I’m sure you can design something around the concept art they have in the
    video. I stopped and got a pretty good look at it. Then you just need to
    add a little creativity and follow proper state and local building laws.

  112. Nice, but I don’t get the point of the garage. Takes up so much space for
    what you can keep outside. Why not make it into a living room? And “open to
    below”–gobbling up space that could negate the claustrophobia factor.

  113. the world would of been a better place to live in if we thought of this
    concept before. Bigger house = bigger payments,sacfrice on quality of life.
    With that extra money we could spend it on traveling, hobbies, life in
    general. but NO everything is about excess.

  114. They replied to me about this. They wont sell the plans due to being afraid
    that the construction requirements are different for the US.. I explained
    Caveat emptor or buyer beware. But still no budge on the plans. Seems like
    I will have to draw them up and have a PE stamp them myself.

  115. Love the House – agree that kitchen and living rm should be on same floor
    and about the wasted space on “open to below”. I realize that this was done
    to bring more light into the bottom areas, but I don’t see a closet in the
    bedroom. Think space would be better used for that and a small half bath on
    same floor as bedroom. Also large “open to below” could hold bunk beds or
    small kids room. Would keep garage (lots of hobbies) and tuck stacked w/d
    under stair well in garage.

  116. this is a beautiful lil house!! i would NOT have to worry about missplacing
    or loosing something inside my house if i had a smal house like this 🙂

  117. this is a beautiful lil house!! i would NOT have to worry about missplacing
    or loosing something inside my house if i had a smal house like this 🙂

  118. Very clever ideas my friend. I was wondering myself, what if the usual
    layout of houses, was reversed, that is, bedroom and bathroom downstairs,
    and living and kitchen upstairs, tied in with the balcony? It would seem
    far more harmonious.

  119. You do realize, don’t you . . . that (unlike the design in the video) you
    are increasing the complexity and cost substantially by splitting water
    between two floors (?) If complexity and cost are of no concern to you . .
    . then why should size be (?) Why would this kind of house be of any
    interest to you at all (?)

  120. Not a bad place. I’m not sure why they have an open area in the loft to the
    dining room down below. That’s a waste of space. I would close that off to
    give myself more square footage of living space upstairs.

  121. Greenrate–Don’t know how you define “complexity” and “substantially, ” but
    a few extra feet of supply, waste and vent pipein a house is by my
    reckoning insignificant, even in a house this small. It is more logical to
    put living and potential entertaining space–i.e. living room amd
    kitchen/dining space–on the same floor together, and sleep and
    bath/lavatory space on a separate floor in a design LIKE THIS ONE, where
    there isn’t enough square footage for all functional spaces on the same

  122. “Increasing complexity and cost substantially” If you build your own DIY
    small home its literally a matter of a few extra fittings and a few extra
    feet of plumbing at bulk cost not exactly a deal breaker. If you’re a rube
    and dont know anything about construction and are not willing to learn how
    to do it yourself, ya maybe is would substantially increase costs. Its
    called custom for a reason, not everyone is trying for the cheapest build
    if that were true we could all live in cardboard boxes.

  123. Not bad, but I can do hell of a lot better. I’ve designed & built homes
    before, it’s fun. Put a bedroom and living in the garage.Delete meh. room,
    move tub sideways, and put a second door to the bedroom. Second floor make
    a master suite where living was and master bath where bed was once. I like
    the balcony but if not used enclose it and make small study. Either way you
    end up with 2 bedroom, 2 bath, and roughly 700-750 sf.

  124. that is the best floor plan i have seen for a small home. lots of light, i
    really like it.i might be more inclined to use part of the garage as a
    ‘pantry’ or storage and the rest for dining or something usefull, you can
    always get a covered garage if you need one.

  125. I have to say that I abs LOVE the look of this home.ESP with all the
    natural lite coming in! To max the space,I would turn the garage in2 the
    main L.R. & on the 2nd floor,I would wall off the L area & turn it in2 a
    mstr bdrm, with the bdrm being turned into a mstr bath & DEF keep the
    balcony AS is,but make it accessible directly off the top of the stairs, so
    it can be enjoyed by guests as well! This would make my home more ‘guest’
    friendly for overnites,but still allow me my private space!

  126. Very nice place. I’ve looked at most the comments and I see that nobody has
    caught on to the fact that the floor plans are different from the video.
    The fridge is where the pennensula is supposed to be, there is no double
    doors,but a huge window well she is sitting in ( that appears to take up a
    lot of room, in thickened wall space ),the bed area is situated
    differently. ( tucked behind the corner of the mezzanine instead of
    beside.) Im not complaining, just making an observation.

  127. Love this house! Meets that practicality threshold. Some tiny houses are
    just that… TINY. This is bare minimum… Which actually is all you need.
    Big difference. What would it take to own one?

  128. This looks attractive to me, as my wife and are thinking heavily about
    moving, and downsizing. The layout is nice, but the only thing I would
    add/change would be to incorporate a laundry area. This may be worth
    looking into.

  129. Might be a good idea in tough times to protect your vehicle, also be good
    for bikes or golf carts,boats,etc…even an indoor garden?

  130. That’s pretty nice job and huge. The upstairs keeps the footprint small. My
    present house is 192 sq feet. It is a 20 foot shipping container with the
    doors permanently opened up to make it 24 feet. I am in the process of
    moving to Alaska and I am going to build a 225 sq foot house, not because
    this one is too small, on the contrary, it is quite comfortable. I am going
    to build a pyramid to do some experiments on health in one. Lots of wasted
    space around the outside. It will be storage space.

  131. I see you point..BUT I LOVE MY GARAGE. It not only is a safe place to park
    your car, but can also be your “whatever room”. Pull the car out and put up
    a card table and smoke cigars till dawn. Need a place to paint?? Garage.
    Workshop??? Garage. Besides, people might use the money saved for this
    house to buy a great car. Would seem logical to store it safely. The car is
    usually a persons #2 most expensive item owned. When it’s shitty out I
    don’t have to worry about my car, it’s safe and dry.

  132. I think it’s awesome that a garage was utilized. I see big houses all the
    time with no garage and a nice car outside with hundreds of leaves on it
    that looks like crap. Especially if this house is up north….this guy
    won’t ever have to use his scraper to get the ice of his window in the
    morning. They’ll get into a nice, dry, warm car in the morning. Or a nice
    COOL car in the middle of the summer, when every other car is 130 degrees
    inside, and the steering wheel is hot enough to give burns.

  133. what I really don’t like is no 2nd floor bathroom. Gotta go downstairs
    every time you need to hit the toilet. Instead of the “open to dining
    below” area, I’d make it a small, full bathroom.

  134. The nice thing about 500 sqft is that the rooms in the space are
    comfortable living for most…it’s SMALL, yes, but there isn’t only a stove
    top with two plates which is your sink &&& a 2 foot wide fridge. You’re not
    living on top of yourself. I still really love these smaller house concepts.

  135. I think about this too, & wonder about adding a separate, “shop”, but if
    you live where I live & you want to keep your vehicles out of the elements,
    the garage comes in handy. I was thinking either underneath the house, OR
    underneath the ground. That could be funky too. 🙂

  136. Just put a piss pot under the bed problem solved. You do need to empty the
    piss pot and clean it every day unless you want your bedroom reeking of
    stale piss.

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  138. Beautiful, I congratulate you. That garage would make a great art studio :
    ) But if you want a garage with your tiny, here it is.

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