5th Grader’s Off-Grid “Tiny House” Shelter for The Homeless

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (Author of “” and host of HGTV’s “”) talks to 5th Grader Callie Hilton at the 2017 Georgia Festival in Eatonton. Callie’s design only cost $10 (over materials her father had laying around in his shop), weighs in the ballpark of a mere 25 pounds, and features a solar light, rain collection, solar cooker, and even a composting toilet. Callie, a fanatic, set upon constructing this wheeled shelter with the homeless in mind for a class project. Her grade- an A+, naturally…..
No doubt she’ll go on to inspire many young builders…..

For info on Deek’s hands-on Tiny House Summer Camp 5 on Sept 15-17th 2017- http://www.relaxshacks.com


  1. Great kid! Please interview Callie in 10 years, I would love to know what career path and passions she has then. Smart young woman for sure! ?❤?❤ Great job Callie!

  2. there are a lot of good ideas here. This child has a good head on her shoulders. Very intricate. I think that with a little education and practical testing, she’ll overcome any flaws in her design.

  3. This was an amazing presentation!!! The lil girl is very bright and obviously cares about her lil project!!! If only more members of Humanity would learn to recycle a bit better…we would begin living in a more productive world!??☺

  4. What an amazing little girl. She was so full of information & poise. Way to go Callie you’re quite an inspiration.

  5. Welcome to the future innovators! ? Just trying to imagine what she could be designing and building 10 years from now!

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