$700 mechanical micro-A-frame blends with Montana wilderness

When and her husband found Derek “Deek” Diedricksen’s plans to build a transforming A-frame cabin for only $1200 they bought the plans and got to work. Three weeks later, they had an 80-square-foot, off-grid, tiny home that cost only $700 ( panels included) thanks to a lot of reclaimed materials. One entire wall of the cabin made from plastic sheeting can be moved with a pulley system to open up the cabin to the outdoors.

Ponomareva and Hohn spent most of the year teaching English in Korea, but for the two months they spend each summer on their property outside , , they stay busy building. Their first build was an 8-by-12-foot cabin, also using , that cost them $400 (again, with solar panels).

Their latest build is a modified A-frame with unobstructed views of the mountains and valley below. They rent all three structures by the night, mostly during the summer (the cabins aren’t winterized).

Alla and Garrett’s rentals: https://www.airbnb.com/users/25367650/listings

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  1. Am I the only one hearing the high pitched sound during voice recording at the beginning of this film? LOVE EVERYTHING ELSE

  2. Great idea, i would use it for my daughter and her friends as a play shed with toys, couch, tv and Nintendo switch for them when i get a big yard

  3. He said with everything closed it is like a greenhouse, how do you get ventilation when it is raining? I saw no openings covered enough to be able to leave open during rain?

  4. I kept thinking, “Why mouse problem?” To me basic planning involves keeping out vermin and insects. No excuse not to add screens and thresholds, kerfs. Also as many observed poor design from basic safety perspective – all those huge windows could drop and hurt someone. If they plan to rent – they are all a lawsuit waiting to happen!

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