1. Serious serious respect to that man and his wife, on many levels! I’m going
    to dream about my version of that vehicle before I drop off to sleep

  2. He out did himself with this complete home-truck space. Now, the only
    thing I don’t like is the bathroom/toilet in storage space.

  3. This is my wife’s uncle. He stay with us years ago on his way to Argentina.
    He was only using a Isuzu Trooper at that time.

  4. I really love the outside of the RV, has such a cool look to it! And wow,
    sounds like him and his family have a nice life seeing the world, he is
    well travelled!

  5. I have been checking out those 4wd box trucks. They are relatively capable
    and efficient on fuel as well. He did an awesome job. :)

  6. amazing houses and place to live in! near the sea, couldnt be more perfect!
    i wish we could see the inside of the big bus!

  7. Very interesting, thanks. It is quite different from your normal tiny home.
    John’s water, gas and power management was practical. I’m not so sure I
    would like sleeping on top of the lu.

  8. Fantastic! Jon needs to write a book about his build. Or at least a
    website. I can tell there is a lot of information in that guy’s head that
    would be very useful to the tiny community. Great video! Thank you!

  9. This was awesome. Besides getting a window into people’s wonderful lives
    and adventures,, your videos also serve as motivation. I have more and more
    confidence to live how I want. Thank you for doing this.

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