8′ by 8′ tiny prefabricated guest house, cabin, small shelter, shed

From the publication “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks”- ORDER HERE… http://www.amazon.com/Humble-Simple-Cottages-Ramshackle-Retreats/dp/0762771461/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1329248417&sr=1-1 An eight' cubed cabin, developed for the show “The United Stats Of America” hosted by the Sklar brothers on The History Channel, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen was given a mere two days to design, prefabricate, and load this cabin in a single truck bed for a drive from Boston to Brooklyn, NY where he, Dustin (his brother), and Steve “Bulldoze” Sparaco, then needed to assemble it in an exceedingly restricted 5 hour timeframe for the show- after which disassemble it and drive back to Boston- the exact same day. Derek is the host of “Tiny Yellow House” TV, and runs relaxshacks.com.


  1. Very nice. It’s fun to take a cube and see how much stuff you can fit
    inside of it with realistic dimensions without it being uncomfortable. This
    looks brilliant for a little camp shack. You could probably even have one
    of those tiny portable kitchen things going there for ultimate camp shack.
    (just don’t burn the thing down!) There was another I saw that was I think
    12′ cube. It had a semi open-plan design with one half being multiple
    floors at different levels, real nice design too.

  2. Thanks all!- its for sale- $1500 disassembled, $2500 for a crew of three to
    do the dirty work for you, etc. There’s a few things done to it you don’t
    see, and a few things I’d add to and improve (window in the door, etc).
    We’d also film the assembly for Make Magazine- if whoever lets us. We might
    build one of these at one of our 2012 hands-on tiny house workshops too (
    in MA or VT- or both..).

  3. im thinking of making one myself. tho slightly bigger, for fulltime living
    in spain. something like if your shack hooked up with tumbleweed-fencl and
    im after what would come 9months later 🙂 with spanish weather i think its
    possible (in every meaning of the word possible) 🙂

  4. Deek: nice abode. Q: millions of people sleep nightly in hammocks. Why are
    hammocks not more commonly integrated into tiny homes and micro-shelters,
    for all the obvious reasons? I watch your and tons of other videos on
    simple homes and never once have I seen the humble hammock. Thanks.

  5. @shereah How is it not? Its almost 7′ feet long and shaped differently than
    most, but it does work as a sleep space- and its bigger than most cots,
    hammocks, etc. Just add a custom triangular boat-style mattress, and anyone
    would fit fine on it. It had/has to be small for a room that is only 64
    square feet. You still could add a “real” bed, but it’d waste more space-
    still possible though.

  6. @coolkayaker1 Funny thing is that the original longer edit of this video
    (that I scrapped) DID have a hammock in it- no bs- lol. We have a separate
    hammock how-to video on the way at some point too.

  7. @coolkayaker1 Funny thing is that the original longer edit of this video
    (that I scrapped) DID have a hammock in it- no bs- lol. We have a separate
    hammock how-to video on the way at some point too.

  8. you shold make a ice fishing cabin with possibly a new heater disine. i was
    going to make one this winter but the ice was to thin 🙁

  9. VOODOO OWL!!OMG lmao i laughed so hard at that hahaha cool little cabin=D
    im going to build a 7ftx7ft one with my friend at a school shop project=D

  10. im not shure what your trying to do with your whole tiny house bit but some
    of those things you cant even sit up in,not shure if i would call them a
    home at all more like a throw together to try and make a few bucks junk
    pile,ive seen a few of your little cabins in the woods you and your bother
    made that was cool but some of the things you have in your book,you cant
    live in those,you have skill so use it to design a real house you can live
    in not a junk box full of termits

  11. with the triangle bed you could have hinged another triangle to it and made
    it attachable legs. it would have been more comfortable to sleep on

  12. Nice job with the cabin. Hey, know what would be cool? If you made an exact
    copy of the triangular bed board, laid it on top of the other one. Hinged
    it to the bottom one. Flip it over when you want to sleep and put on a
    screw -on leg in the corner. BANG! You have a fullsize bed that folds out
    in 10 seconds. 🙂

  13. first good thunderstorm and that thing will be gone. Even if no real high
    wind it would be like living in a drum when it rain more than a mist. Love
    the small house idea…but come on.

  14. No, you’re wrong, and most people pre-judge these Tuftex roofs. This thing
    has now made it through both hurricane Irene, and Sandy, in MA- gusts of
    80mph- no leaks, no damage. As for your second comment, I really don’t
    understand what it says/means….

  15. Hey, its the poly roofing brand called Tuftex…..Lowes often carries it,
    but any store should be able to order it for you….

  16. How long would it take to assemble these at a disaster site if you mass
    produced them and kept them stored for just such a contingency?

  17. Great design but i see no screen windows or vents,there for it wouod be
    very humid in there during the summer?

  18. good idea,but I have two english mastiffs that go everywhere with me,one
    weighs 220 pounds the other weighs 195 pounds, this would fit them,but
    where would I sleep? lol

  19. LOL, dude who designs, builds, promotes and publishes books about tiny
    buildings is envious of a overly large warehouse space…. ” I wish I had a
    work space like this! “Love the vids, just saying.

  20. In my climate without some way to block out those lite panels you would be
    able to fry eggs on the floor in the month of August and it doesn’t look
    like the design would be livable below zero in the winter.

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