9 FOOT CEILINGS in this CREATIVE Tiny House Skoolie!

Deek talks to Chris from Blackstone Builders in GA about his newest build “The Home Skooler”, a AND a () in that he “threaded” a “stick built” (traditionally framed) tiny house on TOP and into a school bus frame. This home on wheels has sleep space for five, a gallery kitchen, a unique tiled bathroom, and best of all, almost NINE FEET of head room- almost unheard of in tiny house bus conversions!

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  1. The bathroom and the bed you don’t have to climb up to are huge selling points.. besides it being a little weird/ugly on the outside, the inside looks GREATT

  2. I was thinking of something similar but a little wider the full 8′ width and the rest of the back side (no bus rear) putting the lights on the house structure, but essentially the same. COOL BEANS!

  3. That’s a beautiful lookin’ skoolie from the outside.
    I knew it’d have a nice lookin’ interior as well.
    I love his Faux Drywall idea too!

  4. Nicest schoolie yet!
    Btw, I purchased 2 of your books for Christmas gifts this year- the recipients were excited to get them, got myself one too!??? I love that you included plans for all the homes.

  5. Are the slats in the bathroom door in a fixed position? If so, maybe flip the door so it allows you to see out, instead of into the bathroom space? Interesting build, thanks for the tour.

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