A $1200 14′ Tiny House made of pallet wood!

Deek takes a look at the tiny house of Joseph Labaire- one built and designed by Joseph with urban salvage, self-milled wood, and re-used and deconstructed pallets. This 14′ long tiny house was built for a mere $1200.00 and features a loft, composting toilet, self-built windows, ample built-in storage, and more! It is located outside of Worcester, MA- for now…..


  1. Up here where I live they can’t even give away pallets,as there are so many
    free ones available. They’re great for a number of uses and it’s a cool
    project they were used for in this vid.

  2. He was doing alright until he said that he an old futon mattress from the
    side of the road. That’s not green. That’s just gross. You don’t have to
    reuse everything.

  3. wow – I really really like this Tiny House. Brilliant set up, spacey and
    beautiful solutions with several natural materials. I wish soemday I could
    have on elike this!! Congratulations on this beautiful place!

  4. Thank you for making these videos. I love watching them and you guys are
    very talented. keep doing what you do best!

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