A $5000 Shed as a Tiny House? Worth it?

Deek Diedricksen stumbles upon a -to-go display yard in southern New Hampshire and checks out two $5000 that might have tiny house or cabin conversion potential. But where do these two cabins excel and where might they structurally fall short? And should you consider a tiny house on wheels with a shed as its basis?

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  1. Needs to have beefed-up ribs needs to buy 6 wall so you can get insulation in needs to be up off the ground for insulation in the floor and some kind of a mouse barrier and proper venting for moisture

  2. If I’m not mistaken, 10′-wide loads require permits to transport on public roads. So, they really wouldn’t be suitable except as stationary buildings (or stationery buildings…if you want to load them with paper). Regarding the 2×4 members used as joists under the loft, I would reinforce them with a second member to increase their capacity in flexure. Regarding the absence of collar ties, one could install some. Heck, I might even have some custom eyebars fabricated from 3/8″ thick steel, and bolt them to the rafters. To me, these pre-made buildings have big potential.

  3. Currently converting a shed bought from the Amish, very well built. After watching this, wish I had went with a gambrel roof. Awesome video and yeah these are very bad on wheel. 🙂

  4. Aloud and profound NO as there is way too much VOC offgassing and toxicity when traditional materials are used, and not even a good idea for storage if one stores anything that could absorb those chemicals, too.

  5. you are definitely missing something relevant about structures…
    1 geodesic structures. e.g. look at paul robinson geodome.co.uk beveled frame assembly method, again, you miss shelter2.0 open source CNC cutting tunnel house… look over here…
    they really deserve tutorials and meetings for spread the concepts.
    one more thing… take a look to this European converted van: 35000euro all included…

  6. Pleeeze figure out how to film yourself so that we’re not looking up your nostrils the whole time Also, all the mugging at the camera is not so great, we can appreciate a less opinionated narrative yukfest- you ARE playing to generally bright and simple folks. The rest dilutes the good info. you can share.

  7. This video is serendipitously on time! Just got the go-ahead from my local municipality to erect a ground-bound structure (wheeled structures not allowed). I plan on doing a shed conversion this year– thanks for the tips.

  8. I could easily live in a house like that by myself. I’d put a conversion couch/bed downstairs and use the loft for storage.

  9. You’re so much fun to watch and listen to! Thank you so much for doing this piece actually was very informative and I learned quite a bit about those crossed ties or whatever you call them LOL!

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