A Caravan Home Like No Other – The Incredible Unity Wagon

Located on a spectacular farm outside of Melbourne, Australia is the Unity Wagon. Constructed by artist Steve Areen, this caravan- is completely and absolutely beautiful.

Steve is a talented DIY builder who has a knack creating and playful structures.The unbelievable home which he built in Thailand was actually one of the homes which inspired me to learn more about building and natural homes.
Read More: http://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/steves-unity-wagon/

His new tiny house venture is the Unity Wagon, built on a 5 x 10ft (1.5 x 3m) trailer and packed full of very clever design ideas. This is a functional caravan, yet also serves as a home for Steve when in Australia. The intention is to eventually also open this up as a farm stay on the property when Steve is overseas.

Steve’s Website: http://www.steveareen.com/

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  1. Fall in love with it, indeed. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I love all the unconventional flowing lines and all the beautiful woods, and the French doors… Oh my!

  2. Love it .. My family and I travel and I hope that I can build them something that fits our needs but also feels so very special .. like this does.

  3. Wow wow wow.this is my favourite so far and what a lovely guy. Also nice to see a bit of Oz instead of the states hope you do more Bryce. For me this is about the innovation, going beyond the box. This is what interests me. Loved watching this one. Thanks Bryce and partner. X

  4. With not a tree in sight I can just imagine potty time when guests are present…..The compost toilet in the middle of the field with the ‘roos watching.

  5. Oh my god. Your channel just gets better and better. What I wouldn’t give to speak to you for half hour about my own dreams and obstacles that I need to overcome. Such a great design in this project both of you guys are legends. Thanks ??????

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