A Custom Tiny House that can be pulled by a CAR?

Heat it with an Envi heater (link below), and there is a portable nautical toilet that stores inside. (To answers two frequent questions before they are asked). This tiny house//camper-wagon was built and designed by Chris Schapdick of “” out of the NY/NJ area- one of our guest speakers at our upcoming hands-on Tiny House workshop in Riegelwood, CA. This wagon, which runs approximately $15k as is, holds more than meets the eye- and it has plenty of head room as you’ll see- all because of its “bow top”- like the gypsy wagons of old. http://www.TinyIndustrial.com for more info.

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  1. I don’t like the amount of space the beds always use up.
    I would rather use a tri-fold up memory mattress,sleeping bag,futon or hammock.and have so much more space for other things.

    • Diana Long
      Agreed, but the time it usually takes to reclaim materials often costs more than just forking over the dough…. great for people with a ton of spare time on their hands, not for people still working full (and possibly over-) time to pay for the place they are living in and trying to build a tiny to move into…

      A better way to cut costs (and actually save time in the build) would be to go super rustic. There is no need for a solar system or to be able to plug it in, everything you need can be run off of an item’s internal batteries or propane. A battery powered light, a propane stove, done. No need for plumbing the trailer either, a couple five gallon jugs of water and a compost toilet saves time and money over a toilet system and sinks… want a shower? A camp shower is easy to use, and the off road black pipe version can be added on later if so desired….. not plumbing and not wiring the trailer costs less, speeds up the build and gets you on the road quicker…

    • +Night Garden Yes, true. I build small versions for single folks as well. Check out Tinyindustrial.com to see that.

    • Chris Schapdick you do good work, beautiful setup. Was that top aluminum sheeting? How come you didn’t taper the top edge of the boards running along the side of the roof so when it rains the water doesn’t stay in the edge? (Sorry, But after being raised in the wet part of Oregon, those are the things I look for, places water pools, and places where water seeps).

    • It weighs right around 2000lbs, so if your vehicle can tow that, it’s possible. An SUV or small truck is preferable, true.

  2. Great design…me and my other half would love to start our journey in something similar…I’ll show her and see what she thinks!

  3. Deek, I love how your brother was relaxing inside, looks like you two woke him up when you entered…

    When are you going to do another get together in the West?

    When are we going to see a tiny cabin build on your Missouri property (If I missed it show me a link)?

    Great video as always, thanks!

  4. looks amazing, the only thing that triggers me is the edge of the roof where there is a “stop block” of wood instead of a gutter, it will collect water there instead of letting it run off, would be nice with a better solution for that? also a smaller bed (I am just one and would hate to be 2 in there for long) but awesome little thing, lots of possibilities and those small windows are sweet

    • All easy modifications. I primarily build these to order, so you can get whatever you would like interior and exterior wise

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