A Dream Tiny House Design w/ 2 Lofts! Full Tour

In this weeks episode we take a quick of a located 14 acres of private . Inside is and with surprise under the steps and 2 spaces. The is enough to include a and dryer!

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  1. Good Afternoon Levi, This is a Beautiful Tiny House, But the only thing I’m not a ladder person and if the bedroom was downstairs that would be awesome. Everything else is Gorgeous. Thanks for Sharing Enjoyed and Blessings 🙏❤️🥰😇🦃 From Pennsylvania,USA

  2. The interior is soooo nice! It looks really big and spacious too. And the bathroom tiles they used are beautiful!!!! 🤩 are those tiles? Looke like wood. And it looks perfect!
    I definitely know my wife would love that huge kitchen!

  3. This property is situated on 14 acres of private property = 55.000 square meters?! That’s a huge amount of land, it probably costs $4M

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