A Frame Tiny House Rental built for only $2k!

A frames seem to be admired in the tiny house world, and while they can't often be placed on wheeled trailers because of height restrictions (and because a frame cabins aren't so space efficient), they ARE sturdy, simple to build, and often VERY affordable- as is the case here. For those reasons its easy to see why a frame camps, , and tiny houses have endured for quite some time. In this case, here is a very affordable one built by Garrett Hohn and Alla Ponomareva that serves as not only a family getaway, but as an airbnb rental, AND occasionally a hunting blind- hence the name. Talk about hunting, camping or clamping in style. This is but one of three super cool rentals the have on the site too- be sure to check out the links to all of them below.

Photos- with permission from, and by: Alla Ponomareva


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Deek's Transforming A-Frame Cabin Plans (which you can build for UNDER $1200!)- HERE: https://relaxshacks.myshopify.com/collections/all

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  1. If you want to enter the contest for a new copy of my book, just hit “like”, subscribe, and add a comment on your favorite tiny house builders- ones you’d like to see featured on here down the road. That’ll enter you in the drawing. Thanks!

  2. My son is looking to build something similar in the ozarks. Great design. I would love to see more like this or the a frame. Someone else mentioned your picker runs with your daughter. I agree, would love to see more of those.

  3. There was a man who built a tiny house on wheels in Japan. I don’t know his name but his wood work was phenomenal. My dad used to do stuff like that. I love tiny houses but also like odd eclectic stuff with awesome wood working details.

  4. I have been thinking a lot about the transforming A-frame lately. The dart is pretty interesting too. As for tiny house builders, I have a list: Taking it old school, I wouldn’t mind seeing what Jay Schafer is up to. Also, as you mentioned box trucks, you might be interested in visiting with Bob Wells. He’s not a tiny house guy, per se, he’s more of a nomad, but a lot of his channel “CheapRVliving” is dedicated to turning vehicles into homes. Also, kind of interested in what you might have going on in your backyard tiny house laboratory.

  5. I like the knee-wall…it really is a more efficient use of space, much as we all love A-frames!

    Well of course, Deek, you are my fave builder! 😀 But seriously, you are, because you do it on a budget, which is what tiny houses are supposed to be all about, as far as I’m concerned. A house anyone can afford should be a basic right!

    I do have your books, Micro Shelters and Micro Living, and hope to use the Transforming A-Frame design as a template for a guest house since my main build will be <300 sq ft (no room for guests)...getting started on that once building material prices come back down. Thanks for another great video!

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