A Frame Tree House with Zip Line

This house is one I just designed and completed for a family in Connecticut. A budget build overall (incorporating lots of salvaged materials), it was over the course of a few weekends. This fort, or tree cabin, has a front “Tuftex multi-wall” window that drops open, two small decks, and even a bench in the cradle of the tree that sits two. Built with locally milled pine it also has tuftex roof, interior bench, and a small built in desk. Its no big-budget Pete Nelson Tree House Masters tree house, thats for sure, but still a fun one at 1/30th the budget. If there is enough interest, we might have a plan set developed for this one, as the build/design worked out very well. Something like this could definitely work for an Airbnb or hip-camp cabin rental- for glamping….

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  1. This is exactly what my daughter wants to do in our backyard. We have the perfect trees and setting for this! Great design and finished project! Love it. ❤️

  2. Thanks for checking the video out- I’m slowly working on a new tree house book and might want to showcase YOUR builds- any tree house owners/builders out there…. message me through FB- “Derek Diedricksen”. Looking for simple, affordable, “keeping it real” tree houses mainly- not so much the $100k ones…..

  3. Nice, looks affordable and could have many uses. Should have a big swimming pool at the end of the zip line with a drop for a little added excitement.

  4. Every kids dream in this build!!!!! Looks like you had some excellent assistants helping you on the build! The family has a beautiful property! Stay safe and thank you for sharing!!!

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