A modern cabin in the woods- (art studio, guest cottage, homesteading greenhouse?)

Built in just two days by hands-on workshop attendees (most that had never built anything before) Derek “Deek” Diedricksen shows us a very simple backwoods cabin build that he designed in North Carolina. Build on Steven Harrell’s land ( http://www.tinyhouselistings.com ), this cabin was built for around $1500- including the Tuftex wall panels, and the roofing as well. A mere 8′ by 8′ at its base, the cabin stands at almost 11′ feet tall at its highest point and has a small -like loft area for storage or sleeping inside. A build like this (we might eventually have plans) could be used as a getaway , a storage shed, a green house, or an art or painting studio, as it it designed to harness an abundance of natural light.
You can fine more on Diedricksen’s other cabin plans in the links below- and more on his hands-on tiny house workshops as well.

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  1. I have a 26 foot pontoon I want to build a two person house on for fun. Any design ideas or place you could direct me to cool/fun designs. Must be insulated for hot climate other than that mind is open! Thanks love the channel.

  2. I’ve enjoyed your channel for quite a while. I own a house now, and when I sell, I’m definitely downsizing to a tiny home that I plan to build, or I’ll find an old barn to make habitable. I can’t wait to simplify my life. Can you give me any insight on how a tiny house plays out in Charlotte, NC area and Indian Land SC area. I like the idea of buying a tact of rural area. Can you help?

  3. Imagine living in your Tiny House in the middle of nowhere and you can live off the land. No worries about Corona or lockdown.

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