A Snowboarder’s Unbelievable Tiny House

Pro-snowboarder, Mike Basich, gives a tiny house tour of his self- 225 foot labor of love in the middle of his 40 acre snow covered near Truckee, CA – and tells us how being closer to nature gives him his most creative decisions.

In this episode of Going Grid, Laura Ling investigates how over 180,000 Americans each year are deciding to live completely disconnected from the modern world in pursuit of a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.


  1. This is my dream now. I would just make the house a tiny bit bigger so that
    a small family could fit in 🙂 He’s right – A bigger house and a fancier
    car only means more stress and time.

  2. What if you are trying to get laid but you need to drop a deuce? Open a
    window and it will be 10 degrees in that thing. No decent looking woman
    would live there long. Just long enough to take half his money so her and
    her new boytoy could live well in the city in a 3000sqft loft.

  3. What an inspiration you are, all these natural materials brought inside…
    this rocks…literally! Thank you for being you~

  4. I have to say, I was tearing up during the video because this is, in a way,
    my dream. I want to live off grid in a tiny house in a nice field
    somewhere. I’ve been realizing that I just need less stuff. It weighs me
    down. I’m probably never going to have money like he does, but I want that
    kind of independence.

  5. Y’all are buying this story? There is no way he lives there full time. I’m
    sure he owns 100 different snowboards, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, trucks,
    etc. He obviously must own a warehouse where he services all that stuff.
    That stuff requires all different types of gear and clothing. Think about
    it. He must have a regular house somewhere with a big tool shed, garage,
    big closets, etc. Regular homes nearby are less expensive than this home. I
    know that area. Otherwise, he would need 20 storage units, which would be
    extra lame. Further, they picked the most perfect weather to do the
    filming. Everything is super clean and Disney-looking. This is a commercial
    for tiny houses.

  6. Fellow Americans, if you’re watching this video, you’re already in the
    right direction!

    Decrease water usage, energy usage, increase efficiency in all aspects of
    your life.
    If our cities allowed easy bicycle transit, I’m sure many would enjoy the
    ride to work rather than dread it.

    Fight the materialism!

  7. How small of a home could you comfortably live in? What if it was in the
    middle of no where? Would you try it?

  8. Oh my gosh, that is the home I want. I mean, I’d build it differently, to
    my tastes, but 40 acres in the mountain wilderness would be a dream come

  9. That is nice and good for him. He found himself and he’s happy. Some people
    need to go off grid to look and feel the world in a different fresh view. I
    wish I could go off grid for a couple of months and explore my surroundings
    and even beyond it. 

  10. Wow this place leaves a person breathless. He did well with his successful
    career and built a stunning dream. Most off grid places pale to this
    existence. I know since we live in the mountains in our own off grid home
    that we built and are still working on. BUT not even close to this. We had
    to plan for years, we had to be debt free, prepare everything from our heat
    source to water source to gardening and winter management. Im wondering..i
    watched and didn’t see any food pantry, or wood storage..tools..garden? Is
    this just a off grid cabin or a year round house he lives in? Would like to
    see a update in the spring and summer and see more of the workings of his
    off grid place. seems pretty simple but there doesn’t seem to be a food
    source or other things like we have and prepare for on our homestead

    • +hungaryargo I just think it’s a little dis-ingenious for a millionaire to
      be portrayed as ‘living off the grid’ when he has a shit-load of toys lying
      around already. I was homeless for three years, I know what ‘off the grid’
      truly means.

  11. Just found this youtube channel today, lovely camera work and interesting
    stories. Hope you guys can keep on putting out videos of such high quality
    in the future!

  12. Pro-snowboarder fulfills his dream & builds a tiny home off the grid on top
    of a mountain.

    #TinyHouse #DreamHome 

  13. Time to get off the bus…
    One fine day this is where I’d like to be…
    A Snowboarder’s Unbelievable Tiny House

  14. A part from a few *very* negative people, something that, frankly, can be
    found anywhere, the response to this seem to be very positive! Not my cup
    of tea, but a lot of people would love this life style.

  15. So much bullshit. 40 acre property, ski lift, polished wood floors, huge
    panoramicwindows. the “off the grid” factor here is hugely offset by the
    manufacturing costs of this house. don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this
    property, it looks terrific, and I’d love to live there. but to act as
    though it’s some ecologically beneficial piece of property… ahahahaha,

  16. Beautiful area, property, house, idea, dog….
    But living the dream is very cliche imo.
    We all dream differently, and being able to manifest an unconventional
    nature-based idea we have doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea for us.
    For example, why are we isolating ourselves from people on top of a
    mountain? Are we hiding from friend, family, the possibility of
    love/intimacy, responsibilities, etc?
    Are we doing something short-term that will set us back or put us off
    course longer-term?
    Does it actually serve our deepest desires; or are we imposing a vision
    that may serve some interests but ignore other essential needs/desires?
    Are we avoiding a structured, engaged life that demands more, challenges us
    more, but leaves us feeling more content, plugged-in, and part of a
    community at the end of the day?
    I’m not talking about this story in particular, more as a general pondering
    on what it means to live “the” dream.
    It takes real self-honesty, emotional intelligence, and reflection to
    figure out what our hearts actually want, as opposed to what the mind
    thinks the heart wants.

  17. oidk, this might be more about the location than the size of the house.
    the guy has 40 acres, after all. It’s not like he’s living small. this is
    completely outrageous, so amazing. I would love to live like this…
    albeit, with a few more rooms…

  18. Professional snowboarder Mike Basich showed of his tiny house handiwork in
    a video interview with “Going Off Grid” and the mountain cabin is awesome.

  19. incredible home…doing what a lot of us wish we could…
    i feel like that host can’t wait to leave and get back to her hotel and
    wifi connection .

  20. in complete awe!!! me and my boyfriend planning on building a tiny home off
    the grid in the future and this is so inspiring!! amazed!! :O :O <3 

  21. I was curious about the legality of a house with no toilet, but I found
    something even *more* interesting about the legal status of this house; it
    exists in a legal limbo. If you go to the Nevada County website about
    buildings codes (
    http://www.mynevadacounty.com/nc/countycounsel/Pages/County-Codes.aspx )
    (3-5-16) they say they allow small owner-built houses as long as they
    comply with California building codes (25-1-8). *However* the codes they
    refer to *don’t exist*. (
    ) There is no chapter 8 which defines the legality of owner-built houses.

  22. I think The PENTAGRAMS give away the real purpose of this un-holy place.
    A Temple to SATAN!!!!! …………SCREEEAM!
    Or not.

  23. This video is misleading he doesn’t live there full time. this is his
    vacation getaway cabin. Ok lets say he does live there full time he has
    family that lives close by where he stores his stuff does laundry
    etc…where he spends a lot of time at as well. Geee i’ll drop $140,000 for
    40 acres of land then build a shoe box w no bathroom or fridge. If a person
    had $140,000 they COULD own a few acres, nice big cabin & have enough
    wind,solar,generator power to have plenty of electric for the creature

  24. The thing is I’m sure he lives in & owns a regular house and this is his
    get away cabin. Plus 40 acres of land. Do the math 40 X $3,500 per acres. I
    can’t see someone dropping $140,000 for land then building a tiny cabin w
    no bathroom to live full time in. There is a lot to this story they left

  25. I got sick & lost my 2 homes in the city (1 was rental property). I wanted
    to years ago buy a couple acres of land and make a nice off grid
    cabin/homestead . So that I didn’t have a 30 yr mortgage & I could have the
    land & cabin paid off & owned outright in say 5 yrs. The problem was solar
    panels were very expensive back then & I was young didn’t have the
    knowledge or information I do now. Plus I was stupid for worrying about
    what people would think. like girls thinking I was a hippie weirdo like
    what 1969chargerRtSe is talking about. If I had done it, it would of been
    paid off long before I got sick & I wouldn’t of lost everything own -still
    would have the land-cabin & place to live. But of course u don’t think/plan
    your’e going to get a life altering illness.

  26. *”Pro-snowboarder, Mike Basich, tours his self-built 225 square foot home
    in the middle of his 40 acre snow covered property near Truckee, CA – and
    shows how being close to nature drives his most creative decisions.”*

  27. Unless a guy is rich or has a high social status like this guy no woman
    would ever go there. Hell the host herself is only barely interested on a
    professional level. On a personal level she is horrified.

    Hell the only reason he is even being interviewed is because he is a
    snowboarding champion. If he were a simple man who built this he would be
    getting called creepy and have names like the Unibomber.

    So lets cut the shit, the only reason you are fawning over him is because
    of his social status.

    • Any guy who lives his life obsessed by what women think of his
      hobbies/lifestyle is a pathetic fucking beta loser. Live life by your own
      terms. The house is awesome, and he made it. Why should he give a fuck
      about what women think of it? Are we their puppets or something?

    • +1969ChargerRTSE I agree with the original post. I’ll add that we are
      seeing the finished sausage, not the making of the sausage. Having an
      engineering background, I’d prefer to see a story about the sausage making.
      But that story would appeal to about 1% of the population, definitely not
      to most of the viewers.

  28. Love!
    A few years ago I moved from a big city, into a tiny house..planted fruit
    trees and got rid of all debt. It’s an amazing feeling to realize ‘stuff
    and possessions’ don’t make you happy… but freedom from it does.
    Soon, after college, I hope to do it all again.. except maybe somewhere
    tropical :)

    • +iinRez U might be right-I think it’s a cool little getaway. I just find
      the video a little irritating by how misleading they are in wanting you to
      think he gave up a conventional lifestyle & material items to live in his
      tiny house full time. Like he’s some wisdom filled guru who lives on a
      mountain top.(not saying he’s a jerk or anything) If u think this house is
      cool, which it is, check out earth ship homes in Taos NM and architect mike

    • +Ynot Eroifid Not sure yet.. maybe Hawaii. Fiji, Thailand, the south,
      tropical.. got any suggestions? (there was a ‘translation’ option on your
      post. G must not speak Cajun..lol)

  29. Notice that they are weiring socks, not shoes, when inside or a balcony.
    Like normal people do. I don’t get why some people use shoes inside!

  30. Yet, many, many people always bad mouthed those who live in mobile homes!!
    I know many folks who have trailers they bought with cash, and moved out
    away from the city!! So, this is just Hipster verions of trailer livers,
    or trailer park people!! Just live debt free! You don’t have to go TINY,
    to have a house free and clear!

  31. Whoa what a life choice. Pro_Snowboarder #MikeBasich.#tinyhouse #snowboarder
    in Sierra Nevada. He also has his very own chair lift.

  32. He can still have a propane fridge, a propane camper shower that sprays and
    use a solar panel car battery charger for an inverter for a satellite DSL
    and laptop for net. Off the grid yes, Amish no

  33. WOW!! I just need my 40 acres…LOL but seriously, this guy did it right!!
    Bravo!! <3 He does a great job of explaining the ...see I can't even
    describe it! LOL Getting back to Earth...stepping out of Time...it's a more
    challenging life in some ways, but so much more rewarding <3
    #offgrid #tinyhouse #MikeBasich 

  34. Usually you see celebs with big mansions and luxury sports cars and you
    become envious of their possessions. This envy I feel now feels a little
    healthier. I am envious of his lifestyle as opposed to his possessions
    (well, besides the little house). I remember feeling in sync with the Earth
    as a kid because I was always out in the woods exploring, pretending to be
    out surviving on my own and building a “home” with branches and stuff. I
    felt free. It was just me and the Earth out there. There was a beautiful
    telepathic connection. Now, my life is run by a clock, surrounded by people
    racing from one thing to the next, and I am lucky to have sunlight touch my
    skin during the week. This video is inspiring. I realize I have been
    dreaming of the wrong things this whole time. And this, to a lesser extent
    than he has here, seems to be a more realistic goal to strive for. To
    reclaim my soul that I left out in those woods as a kid.

    • +Jeff Venom Yeah, there is no way he can live there full time after being
      accustomed to things. He must own 100 different snowboards, dirt bikes,
      snowmobiles, trucks, etc. He must own a huge garage where he services all
      that stuff. That stuff requires all different types of gear and clothing.
      He must have a regular house somewhere with a big tool shed, garage, big
      closets, etc. Regular homes nearby are less expensive than this home. I
      know that area. Otherwise, he would need 20 storage units, which would be
      extra lame.

    • +Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this The video is misleading and
      I no longer think what this guy is doing is cool. But what I thought was
      going on, living off the grid, still appeals to me.

  35. We are quickly falling in love with the tiny house movement! Check out
    former pro-snowboarder who decided to quit the competitive lifestyle and
    build an unbelievable tiny home in the mountains! 

    • +Tricia Cate
      I saw the door with the crescent moon and there was some kind of toilet set
      somewhere else. If they mentioned either, I missed it. Love the small
      house though.

  36. Interesting video and pretty cabin but tons of unanswered questions.. how
    do you get there? do you have to hike in for X number of miles or can you
    drive up to it? Bathroom. You gotta go somewhere. Is there an outhouse or
    do you just..? There’s times when you’re sick a bathroom would be hugely
    appreciated. Groceries.. you gotta eat.. would like to see a little more
    indepth story.

  37. I was impressed since the beginning but the detail about the star shadow
    that meets the pentagon on his birthday blew me away

  38. I have to say i would like to have both. A normal sized home in the city
    and a wonderful tiny home like this but with a toilet! And i don’t think i
    want to give up the internet. Just imagine a wonderful day in that tiny
    house with a good show on netflix. livin’ the dream

  39. Anyone else here from reddit? Upboat for visibility. (Only redditors will
    get this meme)

    – Alfred Matthews-Fedor
    Moderator of /r/atheism and /r/fedora
    Level 84 Dark Mage
    Stage 3 Athiest

  40. Ugg this fellow is definitely not dating material. I’ve seen closets that
    have more space than this; there isn’t even enough there for my shoes.
    Girls, always check out your man’s house before agreeing to sleep with
    him. You might find out he lives in a shack in the woods like the

  41. i thougt these ice skaters made enough mony to live in a house instead of
    shack. reported.

    Sent from my Reddit account

  42. This house is also featured in a book by Lloyd Kahn: Tiny Homes Simple
    Anyone who finds this video interesting should check out that book.

  43. Very beautiful.

    You know, I think we (humans) have spent thousands of years evolving along
    side the natural world. Then in the last two hundred years or so, human
    technology rocketed and outraced evolution. So, we are instinctively ‘cave
    men’ thrust into a high tech world. With this in mind, you can understand
    why our true nature shines best when we are living in sync with nature. It
    feels like going home.

  44. I love tiny homes and off-grid stuff…..
    (I also don’t like government, see if you can find out how those two are
    related XD)

  45. We are quickly falling in love with the tiny house movement! Check out
    former pro-snowboarder who decided to quit the competitive lifestyle and
    build an unbelievable tiny home in the mountains! 

  46. We are quickly falling in love with the tiny house movement! Check out
    former pro-snowboarder who decided to quit the competitive lifestyle and
    build an unbelievable tiny home in the mountains! 

    • What a great home……. so inspiring! +Seeker Daily Unfortunately you
      ended up ‘double posting’ the video……. 🙁

  47. We are quickly falling in love with the tiny house movement! Check out
    former pro-snowboarder who decided to quit the competitive lifestyle and
    build an unbelievable tiny home in the mountains! 

  48. Now this dude’s doing it right.. I would love this, that’s so cool how he
    built the crystals into the stone wall, his house looks like its part of
    the landscape its amazing.

  49. Wait, he doesn’t have a toilet? That seems highly inconvenient… to not
    have such a basic utility.

    And does he ever get too much snow around his house? Even if he had a small
    snow plough, he would probably still need to shovel some of it away.

    • Life can be about convenience but only because we’re raised that way.
      Toilets (and showers, note his no-waste shower) are a huge waste of
      resources and, although most wouldn’t want to go without because of their
      habits, there are alternatives like composing and incinerating toilets that
      do better for the world and function similarly. This guy obviously puts
      self-sufficiency and respect for the world above convenience.

    • +Seeker Stories I believe envious is the word you are looking for. Jealous
      wouldnt make much sense at all used this way. Btw it would have been cool
      to get a rough estimate of the total cost of the project as well. I lve
      near Truckee, CA, and while it sits on 40 acres, im wondering the house,
      property, chairlift, and any other bills Mike has. Other than my nitpicking
      awesome video. Mr. Basich was raised well by his parents. He is very wise
      beyond his years and an inspiration for a young guy like myself. Thanks to
      mike and your crew for sharing. Ill see to it that this video goes viral
      within the next 48 hours. 🙂 -T

    • +Travis Thoeni Dude I live near Truckee as well, we should see if he is on
      air bnb. This dude is on the right path. As your question about costs it
      sounds like he has taken a smart route with his earnings from snow boarding
      and probably has solid connections in the snow world. His photo skills are
      on point also, so I would bet he makes good money with that. Living a good

  50. How does seeker get the funds to fly out there and see the people?

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