A Snowboarder’s Unbelievable Tiny House

Pro-snowboarder, Mike Basich, gives a house tour of his -built 225 labor of love in the middle of his 40 acre snow covered property near Truckee, CA – and tells how being closer to nature gives him his most creative decisions.

In this episode of Going , Laura Ling investigates how over 180,000 Americans each year are deciding to live completely disconnected from the modern world in pursuit of a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.


  1. +hungaryargo I just think it’s a little dis-ingenious for a millionaire to
    be portrayed as ‘living off the grid’ when he has a shit-load of toys lying
    around already. I was homeless for three years, I know what ‘off the grid’
    truly means.

  2. Any guy who lives his life obsessed by what women think of his
    hobbies/lifestyle is a pathetic fucking beta loser. Live life by your own
    terms. The house is awesome, and he made it. Why should he give a fuck
    about what women think of it? Are we their puppets or something?

  3. +1969ChargerRTSE I agree with the original post. I’ll add that we are
    seeing the finished sausage, not the making of the sausage. Having an
    engineering background, I’d prefer to see a story about the sausage making.
    But that story would appeal to about 1% of the population, definitely not
    to most of the viewers.

  4. +iinRez U might be right-I think it’s a cool little getaway. I just find
    the video a little irritating by how misleading they are in wanting you to
    think he gave up a conventional lifestyle & material items to live in his
    tiny house full time. Like he’s some wisdom filled guru who lives on a
    mountain top.(not saying he’s a jerk or anything) If u think this house is
    cool, which it is, check out earth ship homes in Taos NM and architect mike

  5. +Ynot Eroifid Not sure yet.. maybe Hawaii. Fiji, Thailand, the south,
    tropical.. got any suggestions? (there was a ‘translation’ option on your
    post. G must not speak Cajun..lol)

  6. okay, that explains the hot tub, what about the lift? Even a tiny lift
    would have to be at least 5 hp. you need an acre size solar panel for that.

  7. +Jeff Venom Yeah, there is no way he can live there full time after being
    accustomed to things. He must own 100 different snowboards, dirt bikes,
    snowmobiles, trucks, etc. He must own a huge garage where he services all
    that stuff. That stuff requires all different types of gear and clothing.
    He must have a regular house somewhere with a big tool shed, garage, big
    closets, etc. Regular homes nearby are less expensive than this home. I
    know that area. Otherwise, he would need 20 storage units, which would be
    extra lame.

  8. +Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this The video is misleading and
    I no longer think what this guy is doing is cool. But what I thought was
    going on, living off the grid, still appeals to me.

  9. +NothingmorethanNath I’m here for the same reason! I want to know the name
    and the artist of that laid back, smooth jazzy sounding song!

  10. +Tricia Cate
    I saw the door with the crescent moon and there was some kind of toilet set
    somewhere else. If they mentioned either, I missed it. Love the small
    house though.

  11. What a great home……. so inspiring! +Seeker Daily Unfortunately you
    ended up ‘double posting’ the video……. 🙁

  12. Life can be about convenience but only because we’re raised that way.
    Toilets (and showers, note his no-waste shower) are a huge waste of
    resources and, although most wouldn’t want to go without because of their
    habits, there are alternatives like composing and incinerating toilets that
    do better for the world and function similarly. This guy obviously puts
    self-sufficiency and respect for the world above convenience.

  13. +Seeker Stories I believe envious is the word you are looking for. Jealous
    wouldnt make much sense at all used this way. Btw it would have been cool
    to get a rough estimate of the total cost of the project as well. I lve
    near Truckee, CA, and while it sits on 40 acres, im wondering the house,
    property, chairlift, and any other bills Mike has. Other than my nitpicking
    awesome video. Mr. Basich was raised well by his parents. He is very wise
    beyond his years and an inspiration for a young guy like myself. Thanks to
    mike and your crew for sharing. Ill see to it that this video goes viral
    within the next 48 hours. 🙂 -T

  14. +Travis Thoeni Dude I live near Truckee as well, we should see if he is on
    air bnb. This dude is on the right path. As your question about costs it
    sounds like he has taken a smart route with his earnings from snow boarding
    and probably has solid connections in the snow world. His photo skills are
    on point also, so I would bet he makes good money with that. Living a good

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