A Stunning Small Home Made From Hemp

is a building material like no other. It has incredible thermal properties, is environmentally friendly, rat and insect proof, fire and earthquake resistant and is an affordable way to build. Plus, the end result looks amazing!

After loosing her father to (a cancer caused through exposure to asbestos), Tiffany studied , and together with her husband Michael, set about finding healthy ways of constructing a non-toxic for their young family.

Read More: http://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/small-home-made-from-hemp/

The result is the . An amazing small home made from , together with lots of salvaged and reclaimed materials. Be sure to watch the full video to find out how it was constructed, and all about the incredible building material that is hemp!

Check out the Website for more information on building with hemp: http://www.balancedearthbuilding.com/

Additional hempcrete build footage filmed by: Keita Ikawa

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  1. This Home is soooo georgious! I hope I can tell such a home my own one day!!!! Thank you Bryce for showing us! 😘

  2. Einfach PERFEKT. Gute Gedanken beim Bau des Eigenheims. Ich wünsche mir, mehr Menschen würden so bauen.

  3. love your channel. thanks for being so inspiring and give such a great alternative approach to the modern life style.

  4. Beauty house right there and so nice to hear from owners that they considered the health and effects of the construction process on the tradesman that were involved. Speaking from my perspective as a carpenter, it is quite sobering to consider what my long term health will be like with all the materials we deal with over the years.

  5. Pays more for hemp walls, bangs on about carbon and being aware of environmental issues then fits single glazed windows. hehe. Lovely house though! I could totally live in that.

  6. I really enjoyed this video. Plenty of food for thought and a beautiful house. Becoming as of late very interested in Hempcrete myself so funny how your video came on my path.
    Keep em coming guys!!! Regards from The Netherlands

  7. Love this Bryce. Please do more small homes rather than homes on wheels, this is much more what I have in mind and tiny homes are not legal yet, here but small homes might be a way round planning.

  8. Thank you Bryce for taking up this, I love this house and finally people are waking up and realize what an incredible plant this is, after sooo long time of misguided “brainwashing”.

  9. I didn’t know you could build a house out of hemp. The house turned out so beautifully. Hope you do another video on this building process very interested in it.

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