A tiny home tour: Jay Shafer’s 89-square-foot home on wheels

Jay Shafer of the Tiny Company offers us a tour of his 89-sq.-foot home parked in Sebastapol, California. He sells plans for the Epu model for $859. made: $45,997 Build it your self: $19,950

Jay Shafer- Four Lights: http://www.fourlightshouses.com/pages/about-jay-shafer

Original story right here: http://faircompanies.com/videos//a--home-tour-living-in-96-square-feet/


  1. His final choice is in line with what seems like the best option: Not an
    extreme large home nor and extreme small home. The minimalist approach
    doesn’t need to be taken to such an extreme. You can live in a 1000 sq foot
    home super comfortably, especially when you give it the kind of care and
    thought for space use as people are giving these super tiny houses.

  2. I like the essential design of this tiny home the best of all I have seen
    so far. My biggest issue is with the loft bedroom, which is the same
    problem I have with most tiny homes. I’d like a second exit from up there
    for reasons of fire safety.

    I’d go with a larger home in the end, one that is minimalist without being
    so very small. I’d also want it handicap accessible and/or convenient for
    an elderly person, so that pretty much rules out the loft altogether. I’d
    love for someone to take these issues (accessibility) into account. Perhaps
    some are already available? I have to look.

  3. it’s a nice idea but i find 1000 square feet is comfortable minimum. my
    current house is just over 4000 with 2 couple living inside. the mortgage +
    maid is cheaper per person than a decent apartment.

  4. Talking about saving money but he has one of those $500 Bose CD players…
    uh no. Did he use his utility savings to save up and buy that over hyped

  5. The cost just wouldn’t match the space in my town. My neighbors house is 2
    stories, about 1900 square feet and just sold for $18K. He spent almost
    that just in materials for this micro. Granted the details and quality may
    be higher, but if independence and lack of debt are the issue, my house is
    one story 1060 sq ft with a decent basement and was $12K.

  6. 20k for less than 100 square feet? Does no one else see how much more
    expensive that is than ANY version of the supposed “debt prisons”
    described? Best quote – “It’s hard to design a large house like a small
    house…” That makes absolutely no sense. I appreciate the idea of economy,
    but this seems more like an environmental/political statement than anything

  7. he says: houses have been getting bigger for the last 50 years and recently
    are starting to level off on size. Wow, so basically you can just make up
    statistics or facts with zero sources or evidence right on the spot. He
    just decided it sounded good. Guess we’d better all get out there and buy
    us a Tumbleweed since everyone else’s house is getting smaller after 50
    years of house size inflation. Better jump on the bandwagon.

  8. he has to live in an extremely small house with really bad plumbing and an
    unnecessarily bad shower experience, yet he somehow feels having a gym
    membership is totally normal. makes sense he has a large bottle of vodka
    next to the toaster oven. get some proper plumbing in your house and go run
    outside and play for free to get your exercise. 

  9. Our travel trailer was this size but self-contained and cost $200.
    To me paying $20K for 89 sq. ft. is as ludicrous as paying $500K
    for 4,000 sq. ft. But its a FAD, I know that…tsk tsk, (what will
    the kids think up next?)

  10. so you really have about 160 Square Feet, Its really starting to bug me
    how these people are trying to play it off like that have it so bad, living
    in a X Square foot house when they are not counting Loft space or even
    counting space occupied by cabinets or appliances, not to mention more than
    6 or so feet of ceiling space.

    so really what is the point if these people are going to LIE and act like
    have such a tiny space?????????????????????????

  11. This 100sq ft is taking it to the extreme. So basically, he built an RV
    (instead of buying one) to get around building codes. I bet this ‘little
    house’ weighs a lot more than a standard RV, which is an issue for towing.
    Plus since it is towable, he’ll have to register it with the DMV and insure
    it as a RV, and pay a luxury tax on it, on his income taxes every year.
    My parents RV is bigger, has more amenities, and was cheaper than the one
    in this video.

  12. for the price it’s a total damn rip off, no stove top no running
    water..just go buy a tent..I do like tiny houses but this one just
    sucks..one of the worst I’ve seen,,,This is how not to waste your money!
    and trying to sell plans! Plans for what it isn’t even really liveable ..

  13. If the republicans keep stealing elections we could all end up living in
    refrigerator boxes and saving up for one of these tiny houses. 

  14. I’d go nuts in such a small house. I used to live in a student room/house.
    This is even worse although it looks cute.
    Where I live we dont heat the whole house, just the living room so a small
    garden house to live in isnt nessecary to save on money and energy.

  15. Hey I have a small home I built similar to this but I don’t have a bathroom
    and I want to add one but I don’t have money for actual plumbing and
    everything so I would like to know how you did your plumbing for the
    bathroom and shower and how you got the shower water warm as well

  16. It’s beautiful. I would love to know what you eat every day? Where do you
    store food? How often do you shop. Do you actually cook, or do you just
    snack and eat your real meals out? 

  17. my house is 4 times of this house we only have to pay 500 dollars and the
    rest are free water electric
    My friend say it small but i only have 3 family member mom and dad XD
    internet too 😛 

  18. Interesting. My personal goal was to live in a house where I could vacuum
    the whole house and not have to move the vacuum cord.

  19. is there a way to figure out how much a small home would weigh for towing? How much was the weight for towing an 89 square foot home?

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