A Tiny House with a Private Office (or Nursery?)- What’s YOUR Call?

Deek Diedricksen (with Dustin D on the camera) hang with the team Cornerstone Tiny Homes while at the United Tiny House in St. Augustine, Florida. There are SEVERAL tiny home tours to come from this road trip. In this particular home on wheels, you’ll see a bathroom with a full/standard shower, a nice galley kitchen, an abundance of natural light because of the large windows, AND a small separate for an office, OR to be used as a nursery……

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  1. It’s a awesome looking tiny house if it was me I rather be sleeping on the first floor then be in a loft or at least put a compost tiolet in the loft

  2. You can pack a lot of stuff and comfort into a small space… That is a very nice one. Should give some people a few ideas.

    It would be nice for some of the designers to work on some designs that don’t have sleeping lofts for us older people and others that have mobility issues.

    • They already have, there’s a number of single level design options available and more coming out every year… Lofts are just cheaper and easier to do for the smaller designs. While the single levels designs have become more common for the bigger sized units…

  3. You look just as beautiful as the first time I saw you at college part tiny home park, when you just started out! Your company homes get better and better. Thank you!?

  4. Camera work is pretty crappy. They’re talking about this feature but your camera person is focused on the builders and not the build. ??

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