A Tuff Shed as a Tiny House or Off Grid Camp Cabin??

Was surprised to come across what I called the “mega shed” from tuff shed as it seems so “ ready”- sure it doesn’t have amenities, heat, or insulation, but as a basic , , or shell, those things could all be added as you would with any normal build. This might make for a great little off grid too.

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  1. I wouldn’t say it’s ready to live in if you don’t know whether it has a house wrap around it, and a ventilated roof. Heating one of those on a permanent basis can get you huge amounts of condensation, especially with insulation in it, depending on climate and temperature. It also looks like it has been framed with blind corners which is a no-no in residential construction.

    • So what should I tell the guys that will be building my she shed, no corners. I need all the help I can get. It’s going in my yard.

    • ​@JMJ ROSARY You want a California corner, that way you can insulate it. If you plan to live in the shed and have it heated when it’s cold, it should be built like a house. With a house wrap and ventilated roof, and a vapour barrier depending on climate and local building codes.

  2. I had always wondered about the Tuff Sheads and Tiny land-based homes. As a starter kit, it seems a good idea. Thanks for the “Tiny” tour! Have a great stay in CA.

  3. I looked at that shed about 10 years ago (NE Tennessee next to Bristol’s NASCAR track in Kingsport as a shed and lumber station with a studio for me up on top. And it matches the house. I think it is a great option with living down and sleeping up. Or if you see a lot of snow you could reverse that and make sure you can step out from an upper window. (Ahhhh! – screaming as I fall through 10 feet of soft power and no snowshoes!). Husband declared after half a glance that this would not be a good idea. A doc I worked with considered the same thing on some property he has halfway up a mountain here but he was not sure if it could hold up. I am where you are, thinking it could be a viable option but I don’t know anyone who has gone past thinking about it. I don’t know if it had the Tuff Shed name behind it when I first looked at them but it is the same shed, locked up in a Home Depot parking lot. I am very interested in whether someone goes past thinking about it and actually does it.

  4. I lived in one of these (different lay out, the loft barn type, 225sq ft) for a year. We insulated it, put in flooring, installed sliding glass doors, and built a cat walk from one side to other, connecting the lofts. Custom metal spiral staircase. Compost toilet. It was great! We still have it, it’s an office now. If you live in an area where no one cares, it’s a great option.

  5. Love this! We live on our sailboat (basically a floating tiny home) which comes with a set of it’s own challenges- however I wouldnt trade my life afloat for all the land in the world! We are preparing to sail around the world! Maybe we will get a tiny house or “relax shack” if we ever move back to land 😉 cheers!

  6. Don’t be too quick to judge. My husband’s Tuff Shed is really solid.
    10-year Warranty, 2×6 Galvanized Steel Floor Joist System, 4′ x 6’7″ steel-reinforced shed door, Patented 6″ locking door handle and 3 ultra heavy-duty hinges, 2 x 4 studs spaced 16″ on-center, LP® SilverTech radiant barrier siding w/50-Year warranty, LP® Smart Trim w/50-Year warranty, Dimensional Shingles with Lifetime Warranty. ‘;D

  7. Megaspensive! Certainly an option where skilled labor is hard to find. But there isn’t $5k in materials in the mega… and you’re only halfway there with the $18k smart board sided shell…

  8. That first one is too high, no need for a tiny house to be that high.
    Heat rises, so would they be willing to build it shorter, then a little cheaper perhaps.
    So I could have a loft about 6 or 7 foot high. What do you think ?
    It’s for my backyard.

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