Abandoned Tiny Boat House- DREAM CABIN LOCALE!

I saw this spot and this structure and just had to share as I personally enjoy scouting out and daydreaming about ideal and scenic tiny house and locations when I go hiking or exploring in the woods- “What if I could someday build a tiny house in a spot like this?” or “What would a tree house look like in that unbelievable parcel of woods?”. Maybe I’m the only one- who knows? Whatever the case, even as a free place to hike and explore (a great spot for families, kids, all ages, near Boston) I wanted to share my little hike with you you’ll see a very cool tiny house/boat house in a historic locale, the remnants of some other foundations and builds, a northern water snake, and more. This boat house is no longer being used for its intended purpose on the Norris Reservation in Norwell, MA, but it has been transformed into an observation station- a place to check out the historic North River (boat building), to fish, and to bird watch. Its definitely a place worth checking out- and again, the price is right! Free! (lead thumbnail photo from the Norris Reservation official website- Dept of Recreation/Parks)

Directions/How to Get There: 748 Main Street, Norwell, MA (Parking is limited, but there are also spots across the street at the Post Office)

TINY HOUSE BUILDING WORKSHOP (Fully Hands ON- links below- and more….)

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  1. What a beautiful hidden gem you found!!! Can you imagine the activity around the area when that mill was in production?!?! The importance of the mill to the community in providing food!?! Looking at the size of the logs cut to build the shelter gives some perspective to the age of the original building. Quite possibly equipment powered by that same mill to mill the lumber!!!
    Thanks Deke for sharing the gorgeous views as well as a bit of history!!!! Stay safe!!!!!

  2. I find it as irritating as you do when some idiot wants to “mark their spot” like a dog. A lack of respect in my book. The only background noises are just the natural ebb and flow of nature. Thanks for sharing your “diamond in the rough”!

  3. Oh yeah! Everytime we went to visit grandma in Mystic she sent us out with frozen chicken legs to go crabbing. Best memories!

  4. Very cool 😎 You are poetic in your words. I looking to find the info on the Tiny Shack build this summer / Fall. Love your posts!

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