Adventurous Couple Build Brilliant Tiny House On Wheels

Oli and Holly are a couple who aren’t afraid to break the norms. When they made the decision to build a on wheels, this couple constructed a that would truly suit them and their personalities and is filled with quirky, unique features and spatial design. Read More:

‘Living in a Tiny House’ © 2016 Zyia Pictures Ltd


  1. Love It!! I would have to go something similar. The Aussie and Kiwi needs
    that open space and connection to the outdoors.

  2. AMAZING!!!! Geeeezzzzzzzzz … I’d SO LOVE to be able to sell my current
    home here in Durban, and find something IDENTICAL to that to move into. <<< Still in Durban though. 🙂 THANKS for sharing guys! ~@~ xox

  3. Great design features. Good work Oli and Holly. 🙂
    More and more I’m considering building a wider tiny house on wheels (or
    skids) to create a more useful living space. It’ll save me from
    buying/owning an big expensive gas guzzling truck, which will save a ton of
    money even if I move a few times, plus paying for movers adds the benefit
    of transportation insurance.

  4. Best Tiny house I have seen here yet. Really agreed with a lot of there
    decisions. The folding furniture does make a home feel like a holiday
    home/caravan/boat to me also. Very livable and the outside seating space
    really makes the whole thing seem much bigger. Shame I am from the U.K
    where red tape stops us from having the freedom to experiment with
    alternate ways of living that are less costly. (think thats why I see so
    many Brits on this show living in NZ haha)

  5. beautiful tiny home… my fave so far. I love this couple too… the way
    they look at each other and pay attention to what each other are saying is
    so lovely

  6. Hi Bryce, would love for you to come to Australia for awhile and show some
    Aussies tiny houses and maybe a chat on how will can get a movement going
    here in Australia. Think about it. We have a. Sustainable Living festival
    every year in February!!!!

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