Aging in place in her Dream Tiny Home in Mtn town Tiny House Village

Thanks to our sponsor, Established Titles! Get an 10% off with code TINYHOUSEEXPEDITION at 🏡 Meet Sandy, a 77-year-old retiree aging in place in a comfy tiny house in a supportive community. She shares a tour of Escalante Village, a in an incredible location.

Video Chapters:
0:00 – intro, legal tiny home community ​
3:01 – sponsor message
4:11 – tiny house parking in community
5:57 – 32 ft tiny house by Simblissity Tiny Homes
13:49 – downsizing journey
14:44 – cont'd
17:37 – tiny house is simple living and security
19:39 – tiny house bedroom
21:39 – , her

********************************************************************************************************** New to our Channel? Welcome! We are Alexis and Christian, the creators behind Tiny House Expedition. 🚚🏡💨 falling in love and building our 130 sqft #tinyhouseonwheels, we hit the road to explore the tiny house movement.

👉Where can I PARK a tiny house?


  1. That is I am very interested in starting my own tiny house RV rental community. If you don’t mind asking this question how much would it cost for me to create my Tiny house community within 1 acre of land?

  2. Love this smart lady and her great home. I especially love her pantry, tons of drawers and red recliner! This home is so so nice.

  3. yeaah aagree…. on the neighbor. You build big houses but you don’t know who live beside you. Above all the cleaning part. When i was younger, i say i want big house but when i clean my brother house that is huge, damn, I SPEND WEEKS TO MOVE THINGS AND CLEAN hahahahaha. So yeah, hoping for a simple small house, to start new life and who knows settle down with. Yeah. With such environment where she can bike omg, and hike up the mountains ooh…. this, is what i call retirement. Enjoying life and living simple. Spend more time outside, and lesser time cleaning the house.

  4. Love this woman. Thank you so much for featuring her. I have thought of tiny homes for several years but have not been able to find land or a group to build with. Her house is lovely as is her philosophy and Zoey.

  5. A tiny home is my dream home . I’m not able to afford one but if dreams ever come true that is the dream I want. I love, love , love your home and the way you done it.

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