Alaskan 12×16 Shed Tiny House – Living In Style On A Budget


Sometimes life just happens and puts you in a position where you have to try something new. Rodney found himself in that place about 6 years ago, and he found the lifestyle. A few years later, he met his wife Marcel, and they have since built a home together that they rent out in the summer. During the summer, they take the time to reset, get rid of things they haven’t used all year, and enjoy their tiny home. They have built a beautiful life together, and they love sharing their home with people in Seward, Alaska.

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    • Y’all have done a great job on the tiny home, very cute and practical….yes, im seriously considering something like this in near future. what was the overall cost if you don’t mind? im trying to get into a more independent life style, this is perfect for me! Thank you for sharing great tour!

  1. Great cabin/tiny house . Thanks for sharing. I was wondering have you insulated cabin with spray foam? Love look of house and agree large eco friendly style tv is much better than a tiny one 😊 you have everything you need for summer and have added benefit of an income stream from your larger property. Win win 😊 Stunning view from deck area

  2. Paint those bottom cabinets grey they will blend in find but honestly they match the line any way I love this style !

  3. Really like you 12 X 16 she’d to tiny home place I’m retired and looking to go tiny and get out of this bug house I have that I don’t need my kids are grown and my husband passed 24 yrs ago I sure miss him but I love your build it is great I could live very comfortable in such a place thank you for sharing

  4. This house looked real tiny from the outside but I was surprised seeing the interior is quite bigger. Love its color and love that he always mentioned his wife through out this video. 🙂

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