Alysha St.Germain – Living in a Tiny House

Welcome to Alysha’s “tiny house” Red Bluff, CA.

When her husband died tragically, struck down by melanoma his early 30’s after working on U.S. Air Force weaponry, young mom Alysha St. Germain resolved to undertake a way of life that she had just contemplated in concept up till that time. She was already worried by how cumbersome possessing an excessive amount of stuff and owing an excessive amount of cash can be, however confronted abruptly with the duty to raise her two alone, she resolved to undertake a life-style of decreased spending, decreased waste and conscious living. She purchased a tiny house — developed by architect Todd Miller from Eugene, Oregon (who will even be featured this series) — and dedicated to shedding all the possessions she felt she did not really want. Alysha is now renting her relatives’s former residence for and together with the tiny house her two kids adore, what she also purchased is time and freedom to pursue the issues life that really matter to her, whereas giving the planet a break at the same time.


  1. I’m very sorry for your loss, but thank you for sharing your inspirational
    story! So many of us claim we value people more than things, but our
    actions often reflect the opposite (and I have certainly fallen into this
    trap for much of my life). Kudos to you for walking the talk and creating
    a home for your family that allows you to spend time together.

  2. Thank you for sharing this story. God bless Alysha and her sweet family, I
    hope they will continue to be happy and enjoy their lovely home. They have
    certainly given me inspiration in my desire to live simply with less.

  3. God Bless you and your family. It looks like a Tumbleweed tiny house. Love
    the lay out of the house, but when i go online to , it
    does not have this lay out. Did you custom make the lay out and what were
    the changes? The inside color is white? Where is the bathroom sink? And did
    you have a second loft for sleeping?

  4. Hi Jacqueline! Alysha’s tiny house was made-to-order 🙂 by a builder out
    of Eugene, OR. named Todd Miller! Glad you like it! White interior,
    bathroom sink is in the toilet/shower bathroom area (I seem to recall) ,
    and there is just the one sleeping loft…this fact, plus the white
    interior and lots of windows give it such a open’s VERY cute!

  5. It is so nice to see a tiny house dweller with children and see how they
    make it work. How they not only get by, but thrive in a small space. Thanks
    for sharing!

  6. Amazing story. I am also a Veteran and I am so sorry for your loss. You
    have a beautiful family. I don’t get emotional often but your story got
    me. Sorry to be mushy, but yes you have really made sense of life and it’s
    appropriate priorities.

  7. Prayers to your family, Alysha! You are so strong and have the best
    outlook. You have done such an incredible job in taking care of your family
    and I am so sorry for your loss. God bless!

  8. You are very right! Kids have their own room now in days with big homes and
    don’t even establish a close relationship. My niece and nephew always fight
    and its like heir enemies. I believe its because they are too much into
    personal space they hate the idea of sharing and it gets frustrating. With
    small homes you can emphasis the value of family and closeness. Well said
    love 🙂 

  9. “Why do men of five to six feet in height need houses that are sixty to
    eighty? Do we not have all the advantages in our houses that you have in
    yours, such as reposing, drinking, sleeping, eating, and amusing ourselves
    with our friends when we wish? Have you as much ingenuity as the Indians,
    who carry their houses and their wigwams with them so that they may lodge
    wherever they please?—Which of these is the wisest and happiest-he who
    labors without ceasing and only obtains, with great trouble, enough to live
    on, or he who rest in comfort and finds all that he needs in the pleasures
    of hunting and fishing?” Micmac chief (1676) Were truer words ever spoken?

  10. what will happen when the kids grow up I dont think they would want to live
    in it sooo I dont think its a great idea 

  11. I don’t see why people feel this is something out of the ordinary,,, people
    live in small space…look at the Italians the happiest people on earth and
    they live in small spaces…this is a way for people to start learning that
    it’s not the size of the house or the car,,,,its family interacting with
    each other, enjoying each other company. This forces people in a good way
    to live in “family” unlike when you have a big house and everyone is doing
    their own thing to the point where everyone acts invisible…Good for her
    and the kids,,, and with grandmother support they will be
    alright…..FAMILY UNITY…..the only thing that matters in life. The
    children will grow up with a high self team because they have mommy to
    nature and see them grow…unlike other children where parents are at work
    and children are being raise on their own……GOD BLESS

  12. I love this so much and am embracing this way of living more and more…I
    had two houses a small one and a huge one ( With three mortgages on the
    huge one ) I was self employed and worked just to pay it and bills…I
    currently live in a two bedroom Apt with my fam and two small dogs and one
    bath and this works for me…I want something that belongs to me! I can’t
    wait til this is me! Thanks for sharing! #stayblessed #thisme :))

  13. Thanks for sharing a slice of your life with us. I love the bright airiness
    of your tiny house. The beadboard walls, bright colors and lots of windows
    give a homey, cottage-y feel to it. It’s appropriate to your clime, because
    you are able to incorporate outside living spaces so effectively. Less
    hospitable climes would be less able to do so year round. I wonder about
    the practical facets of your house design like water, power and sanitary
    hookups. It looked like a regular flush toilet for example. 

  14. Wonderful video! Very inspiring! I also lost my husband to cancer, before
    our son was born, and raised a child alone.

  15. I think the idea is so wonderful but children to not stay small for long,
    and eventually this family is going to have to adjust to something a bit
    bigger! (bedrooms especially)

  16. It’s wonderful how she tries to over come their lost and pulled her family
    even closer.
    This is very hard to do. My best wishes and hopes go with her.

  17. I’m glad you’ve found peace and tranquility in your life Alysha. People
    can get so caught up in how society expects them to live and act. You
    thought outside the box and as a result it has brought you closer to your
    family. I wish you and your kids the best.

  18. I really admire Alysha & your thinking & values. Hope many others can
    follow you. Wish your family much love & happiness :)

  19. I think that this was beautiful and I am so inspired by Alysha. To the
    commenters that mentioned that this would only be good for a few years, if
    that is founded to be true, then I still see it as the most important,
    formative years of a child’s life were spent in closeness, openness and
    love. The rest will naturally work itself out.

    I am now on a mission in my own life to find a way to facilitate this way
    of life, although I have been practicing conscious simplicity for years
    now. I was just laid off for the second time in 6 months and am tired of
    being a slave to a system that does not work.

    Blessings to you and your family Alysha! 

  20. I love the video and all the ideas I’ve got. There is going to be a
    problem with the kids when they get older. In the UK two children of a
    different sex aren’t allowed to be in the same bedroom above a certain age
    (I think it’s 11). Do the kids sleep with her I wonder, they need their
    own room, if it’s a two lofted house then maybe they do. 

  21. what an adorable family. I’m so sorry to hear of your great loss. i am also
    encouraged by your decisions afterward and how you have dealt with your
    loss. my wife and i are researching tiny homes and i love that you have a
    backyard and swing set for your children. how were you able to get a normal
    backyard? what about deed restrictions and building permits? most tiny
    house owners in USA live in the middle of nowhere. 

  22. I think a tiny house is awesome but it is just cumbersome. Someone is
    always in someone else’s way and you never have your own space. Just get a
    decent size 1500 Sq foot house and life will be fine. 

  23. Tiny home owners always talk about being mortgage free, but they always
    mooch off someone’s land who is actually paying a mortgage.

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