Amazing Architecturally-Designed Skylark Cabin Airbnb

We are excited to once again partner with Airbnb to bring you the tour of this stunning Airbnb cabin in New Zealand! If you think you might be interested in becoming an Airbnb host yourself, you can find out more here: ​ (Disclaimer: We earn a small commission when we refer start hosting on Airbnb.)

In this weeks episode we meet Garry, who has constructed a spectacular, architecturally designed cabin in Twizel, New Zealand. This cabin was designed in collaboration between Garry and his architect, Barry Connor.

This cabin is absolutely loaded with brilliant design. From the striking exterior designed to nestle the home into the landscape, through to the stunning cozy interior with wonderful windows that perfectly frame the exterior environment. This cabin is unquestionably home to some truly great design.

Garry lives in the home part time, but also rents his home out on Airbnb. Becoming an Airbnb host has enabled him to share this very special architecturally designed space with others.

You can book your stay in the Skylark Cabin here:

You can visit the architects website here:

Find out more about this tiny house and others on our website:

Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Camera: Rasa Pescud & Bryce Langston
Editing: Rasa Pescud & Archmage Cappuccino

‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ © 2021 Zyia Pictures Ltd

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  1. Now this is a cabin! We absolutely loved our stay here. The landscape is so dramatic and the Skylark Cabin is perfectly designed to take full advantage of the wonderful views. That hot tub under the stars really is something very special! Rasa and I had a really great time filming this place, especially branching out to experiment with some astrophotography too! We hope you enjoy the episode! With Love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. Great 👍. I am impressed how you found a way to do your channel without travelling outside of New Zealand and even getting a new sponsor.

  3. It is not a tiny house at 50meters. Thats a small house. My flat is 57meters haha. But it looks amazing. Goals.

  4. I am impressed by the home; the landscaping, not so much. Why? The rocks (with a million nooks, crannies, and hiding spaces) invite every rodent and reptile to take up residence right outside the house. Leave the doors wide open…I think not. Soaking up the rays with local fauna and reptiles is not my thing.

  5. This is beautiful, thankyou for the tour, a serene example of building in sympathy with the landscape.
    The landscape reminds me of the North of Scotland up past where my Mum’s family are.

  6. I’d love to hear more about the structure. E.G. what is the black flooring — stained polished concrete or something else? Gorgeous.

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