Amazing Off-the-Grid Tiny House on Wheels in Australia

A of Fred and Shannon Schultz’s off-the-grid in Victoria, . Fred spent 3 years designing the in SketchUp and another year building it, mostly by himself and with little experience.
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Fred’s Tiny Houses:

Music by Canvas Music Productions:


  1. This is beautiful:)
    Could you tell more information about your batteries and panels and your
    inverter,how did you design it? Thanks

  2. That was a beautiful family, tiny-house & video! Thank you Happen Films for
    making and sharing this. Very inspiring. Definitely felt the love that
    Shannon was talking about.

  3. Very cool house. Very thoughtful design. I love the tub and the comfy
    lounge area with many seating/dining options. Those two things are often
    neglected in many tiny house designs. If this had more hanging storage it
    would be perfect.

  4. Great idea having the heavy batteries below the floor between the axels!
    Are they vented to the outside and sealed from the inside or do they need
    to be?

  5. love seeing that there are motivated tiny-housers here in aus! i wonder if
    we have many people here who are able to be off-grid water wise. seems
    unless you have direct access to a water source (other than rain), you
    would need a permanent location that has big water tanks you fill during
    winter. feels like we don’t get that amount of water otherwise – does
    anyone know if this is the case?

  6. Such a cute family with an awesome home. I love how they thought of a space
    for a second child since that is where I’m always like “and what if you
    have another child? Where will it sleep? Or do you move then?”

  7. I really enjoyed this. Thank you for the work. Well shot, edited and an
    inspiring story that kept me engaged right the way through.

  8. This was a beautiful tiny house and family. Really great video-ing too.
    Where is their tiny house currently? Not sure if it was mentioned or if I
    just missed it.

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