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The concept of the ‘tiny house’ is a little more mainstream with @ now selling the homes for around $60,000. While some say the dwellings are an answer to the crisis, others say current laws make them almost impossible to live in.

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  1. if you get 10 years out of it (you should get much more than that) you will be in profit, especially if it comes with solar power. that’s only 6000 rent a year = $500 AUD per month. thats pretty good either way. and its affordable enough to rid Australia of homelessness. put lots of these near mental health, addiction help centres, and employment agencies. and then have some industrial areas. Help people get off to a good start then put them near their place of work. add a small grocery store that dosnt sell alcohol. and you will have a winning stratergy. it will cost 5 billion dollars. over 5 years. what is wrong with my idea?

    • Its a glorified caravan. Better to buy a second hand caravan than fork out for one of these. The land is the key and having council approval to live in a caravan, which is what these will be classed as, on that land.
      What you are saying is to build Government funded homes…we do that already, its called public housing…

    • nothing is wrong with it… it’s great… small tiny homes… city atmosphere with help center and employment, gas stations, grocery, police force, fire dept mental health help, clothing store, park, rec center, schools, employment office, car dealership, hospitals, storage facility, movie theater, restaurants, Bike shop, furniture store, walmart, concert hall, church, etc… a little town with lots of help and support

    • @me heretoday no thats not what im saying. public housing isnt for the homeless. i dont think you have ever been homeless. public housing is for single mothers with kids. and or family, but there must be a mother, no mother and no child= no public house. the homeless have been striped of their right to be a father or mother , or they arent one. then they are left on the street and forgotten about, and are only remembered if the cops can have a reason to harrass and abuse them. hence why that was on the news, the battle betwen police and the homeless. the police totally miss treat the homeless, and if you live in your car, be sure that the police will fine you untill you have to stop doing that. also there are 116000 homeless in australia as of 2019. so why arent they in the public housing that you say exists. and dont tell me its because they didnt apply.

  2. That is correct. Council won’t regard tiny house as permanent. I’m pretty sure shipping containers won’t qualify as permanent either. You have to read the Acts and get in contact with council.

    • Agreed. Councils will vary on what they require… I would hate to think someone is going to be conned into forking out the money for one of these and not be able to use it…

    • @me heretoday some states offer $10K per person first time home owners grant ( or up to $20K for a couple ( upto means only once)) require building complete within a few months of application. Stick a shed in the backyard max height is 3m and a minimum 90cm from fence line.

      I.E for main building/house is about 7.5m in height which could be a double storey on a slab of concrete, or equivalent to single storey on Qld piers. Check local council for DA applications. For example, if frontage (front of house facing street) is 11m, some councils in Qld req 2m min either side of property, meaning in this example house is 7m wide. However, in Blacktown NSW it’s 90cm either side of property,= wider house front. Design character consistent with rest of street, notice all houses in a line. Tiny house on wheels don’t count. Don’t forget easements running through property.

  3. Yes the land is the way to go… these tiny homes are great but in reality they are simply caravans made from wood. If you want to go tiny then get a unit or buy the land where you can put a caravan on it and live (not always allowed)… old caravans can cost very little and give you what these tiny homes give you…

    • You’ll have to build it like a prefab house on concrete piers. Minimum 25 square meters to get it past council. You’re still looking $40k-50K in materials if you did it yourself. Like that William Painter ad said, ‘only way to do something is to do it’. Start by putting a pergola at your old man’s place to get the DA feel past council.

      It would have to be made from conventional materials so council can work out load etc. You’ll need someone with a builder’s license on site while the concrete piers go up ( less than a meter in height). You’ll have to build it modular on site to lockup stage, because if you truck it in already complete on a crane that’s 5K or 10K. Also get good quality joists, you don’t want bouncy floors on piers.

      Also beware where easements are, like sewerage, storm water drains, gas pipes, etc get map; clearance is about 90 cm from them, as in plants, fences etc.

  4. 60 thousand dollars? ? My mate got an atco from his mining site for a couple thousand dollars and it has everything like a hotel room except the kitchen and it’d still be bigger than this thing.

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