Amish Built Tiny Houses…A Tour of an Amish Log Cabin, Deer Blind Tiny House and Patio Retailer

Today's is our final day in the Ohio countryside. We stopped at a place that sells pre-fabricated log cabins and deer blinds…and patio furnature. Thought ya'll might be interested in some of these cool products so we took a tour with the owner…hope yall enjoy!

Visit The Stoney Ridge Farm Store:


  1. Josh we have so enjoyed these videos! Build the cabin yourself! Way cheaper and you can use some of your trees you might take down to add to the character of the cabin. Thank you for your dedication to sharing this information with us! Y’all rock! Wooooo! Lol!

  2. Very cool product! i have a question, what are those flat metal looking things on the building roof behind you in the intro and exit parts of the video?

  3. Way cool. I’ve been Researching cabin Kitts for months and you put up a possible bingo. This is the first I’ve seen that will ship out of state. I hope to see the cost on there web site. Amazing how many don’t put the price. Also been impossible to figure out how hard it is to put together a kit. So yes if you get one PLEASE SHOW AND TELL IT ?

  4. As someone cutting there teeth right now building a garage, I gotta say the cabin looks fairly impressive for build quality. What they do to logs looks good and tight. And you almost should be able to snap it together like Lincoln logs. If there is anything more I wish.. I say I personally wish they could be a bit more artistic with there there mortise and tenon construction for the roof of the building. It’s good and functional, but because its also exposed.. I wish a bit more effort was put into drawing the though the rafters.

    I do find it interesting they don’t seem to be using plywood for whatever reason in the cabin.
    When you look at there cabinets rather then using a plywood board, they have diagonal slats where it might be used.. It’s probably not vary rustic in there minds to be using a engineered wood product. they use engineered wood products a lot to great affect else where.. so maybe behind those slats are plywood. Nice touch.

    On the other hand I was not impress with hunting blinds.. the material selection is good but the construction is vary minimal, but since its so simple (and I’m finishing up a 2 car garage..) I feel like I could just as easily build the same thing using Menard’s lumber. For what you need, (a small nearly disposable building to protect you from the elements and conceal your presence from wild animals..) having crafts man build you a hunting blind seems like a waste of there talent, and additional expense on your wallet.

    If you really want a video project, building a hunters blind is a good exercise in basic rough frame carpentry.. And Since you might want to have a few of them around your property, it will be a evolutionary learning experience. Building one and using it will let you upgrade the next one to suit your needs perfectly. Besides.. you do need to save the money for cabin, and you don’t want people sleeping in your hunting blind. Best of all, you could even put one on trailer and then leave it anywhere on your property you feel like.

  5. Shhhhh….Josh….watch out….taking his picture on video…..will disrupt his soul… he will haunt your farm and toilet areas

  6. Sure Josh….build a big roomy cabin….on your farm….paint it up nice and perdy… your lady……then charge YouTubers…..good $$$$$ to visit…to offset the costs.Great vids….I am # 285 thumbs up

  7. Actually, not the first time I’ve seen an amish man on a cell phone! There are a lot of amish around my area. I’ve heard that if it’s necessary for business, they are allowed to have phones and cars. It is funny to see though, and I laughed when you said “amish cell phone”!

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