An Electric Winch Fold-Up Deck For a Tiny House?

Check out Deek’s ’s HERE:

More on Chris Strathy HERE:

In this clip, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen is shown a fold-up - one that raises at the push of a button (that is rigged to an electronic hoist/winch)- all part of a tiny house built by Chris Strathy.


    • Winch and cable- shows it- pretty straight forward…. Chris can probably chime in with more details if you need ’em….

    • The deck has 5 large hinges. The legs are attached at 2 points. When the top pin is removed the legs fold up with the deck. Simple yet effective…I am all about it.

  1. I greatly prefer something like this or something with a roof and deck that fold out vs a permanent porch. It protects the door(s) as it goes down the road and gives you more interior square footage. It also allow you to have a more simple roof line. The houses with a ~2′ x 2′ permanent porch doesn’t make any sense to me.

  2. This is a cool setup … The guy did a great job showing the process … Thanks Deek !!! Have a great day … ?

  3. Does it take two people to operate? One to pull the cable down while the other releases the wind of it at the electric motor switch as demo?

    • Think that was just to avoid worrying about it hitting the glass panels in the french doors… But you can just tie a rope to it to pull it as you’re pressing the button to do it alone…

    • The winch can freewheel out or I have used a small rope only to avoid scratching those pretty doors and keep the winch spool nice and tight.

  4. I’ve been waiting for someone to do this. I always thought about making it half the size so you can incorporate a roof as well. Fold it all up when you need to transport it.

  5. As Tom Hanks would say: That’s the COOLEST THING I ever seen! I was already going to add a fold up deck onto the back end of my stepvan, but it just went to the NEXT LEVEL, thanks to you guys!

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