Ancient stone housebarn becomes couple’s tranquil home-office

the Cantabrian mountains of Northern Spain, the houses- used by nomadic farmers who graze their livestock on only grasses- have been abandoned as larger mechanized operations took over the industry.

Laura Álvarez, who grew up enjoying the raw nature of this region, bought an abandoned stone house barn, a “cabaña pasiega”, and rebuilt it paying homage to its past (passive solar orientation, few windows), but with a modern take.

To capture the areas’ rapidly changing weather and expansive views, Álvarez cut panoramic sliding glass doors into each side of the home to capture a view of the mountain and waterfalls, as well as the view of the valley below.

Dubbing the home Villa Slow, Laura and her partner Lewis (who created much of the home’s furniture from local wood) spent their two-month quarantine here and fell in love with the slower rhythms of life: chopping wood, cooking outdoors, hiking and watching the scenery. They are now trying to figure a more permanent move to the home.

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More on the “cabaña pasiega” traditional housebarn typology:

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  1. This is stunning! This would be my absolute dream house!! It has so much more charme and life to it than a 08/15 modern house.

  2. I’d love to live in a remote place like this, but I always wonder what would I do when me or my wife gets really sick and needs immediate medical treatment?

  3. The dilemma of having a great second home in such fantastic countryside is that if more people would enjoy it, landscape will change, the place will become more crowded.
    Same for infrastructure. More and better infrastructure means higher cost for low density areas. Or in other words with increasing population density you will get more communication tech infrastructure, health centers. And the uniqueness of such untouched landscapes will be likely lost.
    If preservation is a priority, better infrastructure can only benefit the few people already having a first our second home, or the ones who can afford it, because house prices would rise very quickly with demand outstripping offer, local people selling their properties.
    So an answer to pandemic threats, it is unfortunately not.

  4. A simple well designed place of protection..becoming part of the natural environment..that has remained historically the same for a long time..a quiet place to be..⭐

  5. Cantabria and basically all of España Verde (Northern Coast) is so underrated. Natural beauty and most stunning landscapes. The spanish-sepaking woman in the video is adorable. I love how she explains everything, just like the Spanish do (they will always give you a full tour of their home).

  6. Blessed blessed blessed is all I can say. Speechless 🌈 I wish with all my heart to one day see such a place. Peaceful easy feeling. Wow wow wow 🌈 Spectacular ⭐️🌙🌧🌈☀️⚡️💨🌊🌺🌲🐿🐇

  7. The transition from the noisy and uneasy waves to the tranquil house that happens right after 12:50 gave me goosebumps! Love your channel, thank you a thousand times for all the content you create!

  8. Such a beautiful place! I really love the rebuilding of old buildings like this housebarn, into something new and beautiful. Mixing the old and new together and giving the old building a new life is amazing. Unfortunately there aren’t too many buildings like this in North America anymore, and when they are found, more often than not they are destroyed to build some ugly structure that really doesn’t fit into the surroundings.

    A particular thing I really like with this home is that they have kept the history of it by rebuilding it, but also by having the small touches of the past like the tree stump tables and small seat which are the furniture from the past.

    They are very lucky to have found such a beautiful place to rebuild and have as a home.

    Thanks Kirsten,
    Peace, Happiness, Love and Laughter,
    Keep Safe All,

  9. Yes please! Ideal for me – all on one level, with plenty of space. Then I’d buy a place further south for the winter. 👍

  10. Beautiful home and location would love to have seen area behind the kitchen as well (laundry ? extra pantry ?? also clever how she hid some utilities in the “fake chimney too)… Looks like the house has thermal mass too besides the passive solar….

  11. Wow! Northern Spain looks so interesting. I’ve been to Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and the Balearic islands but never north. I need to go.

  12. Beautiful house , beautiful countryside a little bit of heaven here on earth . Many years ago in London I worked with a young lady from this area and she would always tell me how beautiful it was and she was absolutely right , thank you for such an interesting video

  13. Nice video, very inspiring but the title is a bit misleading. I don’t see how this is a home-office since they don’t have any real mean of communication with the outside world. Perhaps they can work from home but having to go back to civilisation everytime they have to deliver their work would be unsustainable.

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