Architect Builds Incredible Off-The-Grid Tiny Home To Avoid High House Prices

As an architect, Doug is traditionally used to designing large homes, but when it came to his own house, he decided to go for something different and instead designed and built his own tiny house on wheels.

With his experience in architecture and design, Doug has been able to build an incredible tiny house, which is not only efficient in it’s use of space and high performance materials but is practically designed for living.

Located in Wanaka, New Zealand this tiny house on wheels has found a truly wonderful parking spot right by the river. Hight house prices in the area have encouraged many to search out alternative living situations and the tiny house movement is now flourishing. The home’s design allows it to be parked and lived in anywhere, with solar supplying all of the homes needs.

‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ © Zyia Pictures Ltd


  1. The removable wall shelving system was a very clever design. Mad props to the architect/owner and Bryce for the quality video production.

  2. Hello guys my name is Aaron! I am reaching out to tiny house community on raising money to build a tiny house for college to help me financially by not having to be paying high rent while I pay for my books ect . My goal is 22k I don’t want anything fancy just something to have a roof over my head. If you want to help me raise money I would gladly appreciate it. Thank you
    Donate here:

  3. For an architect, I was expecting a more functional space…I am not impressed with this design…the outside looks good..but can’t imagine living in it.

  4. Some great ideas, not a space I would like though due to wet room being only exterior entry, although the camp grounds has what he needs it doesn’t allow for illness and as its his home I would think that to be important. Still its his home and he’s designed it to suit his life and that floor is amazing!!!!!

  5. For a older person a loft bed would not be good , one trip off the stairs make broken old bones that do not heal like young bones.

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