Are Tiny Houses Awesome or Awful?

With all this tiny house searching we wanted to try one for ourselves! This was our experience staying in a tiny house with our two kids. The Tiny House Village we stayed at was Weecasa in Lyons Colorado and it was a really great learning experience!

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  1. It’s not that it’s too tiny – its that the layout is all wrong for long
    term living.
    But it’s a cute hotel room :)

  2. Futon instead of Murphy bed? Electric skillet and electric tea kettle?
    Block to fit over sink to add counter space? Fold down table with folding
    chairs? Eating outside in good weather? This model seems a bit too tiny for
    a family. Thanks for giving us a review!

  3. My understanding is that in part, the reason one might want a tiny house is
    to save money, which in theory provides more options and freedom. But then
    I look at the limited space and I think…really nice jail cell. That’s not
    so much freedom. I guess the deal is to spend as much time outside as
    possible. But in this case, it resembles a mobile home park. Humm

  4. less can be more but tiny houses are a fad. look at function. buy a quality
    used camper trailer or rv…designed to be towed and everything is purpose
    built..tiny houses will fall apart if moved often like a house trailer… i
    am for less is more but tiny house’s are a poor value…also almost no
    resale…a quality used camper can easily be re-sold if life changes. .. I
    enjoy your videos. I appreciate Your adventurous spirit. I admire Your many
    skills and willingness to sure with the community. May God bless your
    travels and family !

  5. There’s not reason to not use every inch of available space. I would have
    designed a window the length of the mattress in the loft so you can take it
    in and out like a disk in a drive. That would allow for all that open space
    upstairs to be utilized.

  6. I would hinge a table top to the underside of the murphy bed not the
    wall..or like you said a sleeper couch and a small table.

  7. It would be interesting if when you put the Murphy bed away, that a tables
    dropped down from the under side of that bed. I wonder if they have any
    build handicap accessible due to width of door ways and what not. Thanks
    for the review, very helpful !!

  8. table could be attached and fold out-upright from the bottom of the bed,
    fitting under.when the bed is down, anchored to the bed base at table

  9. Tiny house communities are common here in the Sierra and Rockies going back
    a good 20 years, and most have two sleeping lofts. Rare to see such a large
    Murphy bed. Futons or standard size love seat Hide A Bed are more the norm.
    Kitchens around here have washer/dryer combo, as well as drop in stove/oven
    combo’s and either refrigerator drawer/freezer or apt size refrigerator.
    Thus you basically stayed in one geared for an over night rental, not full
    time living. It should also be noted most folks who own a tiny house are
    not homebody types who watch a lot of tv, or own a lot of ‘stuff’. Just
    the opposite. Minimalism and being active outdoors are what make living in
    a tiny home a huge plus.

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